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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:16 am 
int: tribunal room, there is a long board room table, farmer is sat alone at one end and three high ranking officers are at the other. the first has black greasy slick hair and a sour look on his face (played by Rowan Atkinson) the second a rounded face man looking very puzzled at the young man stood in front of him ( played by Stephen fry) the third a thin faced man (played by Hugh Laurie). At the other end one looks up from his note board and gestures at him. farmer is wearing a charcoal pinstripe suit with an red shirt and a grey tie, his blond hair has been tamed back slick, his usual chirpy grin has disappeared and the face of sheer terror is clearly visible

Farmer) oh.....uhh.....ok so we are on a surveillance mission, sir, and i feel that as everyone had left the car, sir, this had become a reconnaissance mission....sir.... to find Intel from within the inside the premises....uh....sir.I approached the back of the establishment,sir, to find two employees of the aforementioned establishment...

Suit #1) PC farmer, you are in here for not following protocol I think you can spare us the formality.

Farmer)oh, um..thanks.......where was i ?

Suit #1) i believe you were about to tell us how you managed to (reading from a clipboard ) "cause grievous bodily harm to a man because............. you turned down his 'joint'"

Farmer) well sir its not really like that,

Suit #1 ) well how is it then PC farmer

Farmer )well .... i uh...i uh

suit #2) well spit it out boy

Farmer) well i uh...

(theres along pause and then suit #3 turns around as if now interested)

Suit #3) i understand..........some times you just have to beat a hippy

Farmer) wha'?

suit #3 ) sometimes you just have to beat up a radical,

farmer) actually that wasn't what i was think....

suit #1) no i agree Gerald, maybe there are just some days when you want to find a pacifist and break down the social barriers of his nose.

Farmer) you want to what?!?!

suit #2) i remember back on Clapham common in 1969 i beat an entire drum circle of hippy's by myself, its how i got this medal

Farmer) drum circle ? beatings?! medal !??!

suit #1) it was the middle of a peace protest in wotterstone, group of them had hauled them selves up on the roof with a rubber cow, after two hours we had made a make shift catapult and had launched bean bags at them to get them down

Farmer)make shift catapult??? ..........can i leave?

suit #2) ....15 of them, we had arranged them all into the shape of the world cup.....

(farmer proceeds to leave the room, one of the suits looks up and calls as he leaves)

suit #3) dont worry lad well put a good word in for you

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:22 pm 
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Real Name: Set to Private
Scene: DC David Farmer on a couch in COUNSELLOR MASITRIOS's room. The Counsellor is nodding.

How long have you been having these wish-fulfilment fantasies?

Running the Game - the loneliness of the long distance blogger
Tengwio, hinoin! U eo swaillir, aneo?

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:58 am 
INT COUNSELLOR MASITRIOS's office, there is a long red couch and farmer is laying upon it she is sat with one leg crosed over another beside him, farmer is wearing a tee shirt with a picture of a wagon an addition symbol, a brass band an equals sign and a R18 certificate,

Farmer) i dont know, i think it stems from my child hood, where i would watch black adder with my father, they always contain the cast of black adder. two nights ago i had one where i was sitting in a cafe and Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry were waiters, it was the same cafe i had been in a week or two ago when i'd arranged to meet this really nice girl i had met on facebook, so i went and was stood up to find later she had a boy friend, well in this dream im sitting in this cafe with a hot chocolate and a slice of cake and she comes in and sits in front of me and starts chatting about how much she really likes this guy and how she will one day marry him, and all sorts of uncomfortable things, and then all of a sudden she calls over the waiter, who is Stephen fry and started telling him how wonderfully in love she is and how magnificent guy is, and then all of a sudden Stephen fry say " madam im going to have to ask you stop as your being a dreadful bore, and quite frankly i couldn't give a toss" then Stephen fry pulled out a glock 17 and shot her in the face at point blank range, he then calls over Hugh Laurie who stamped on her head and said "thats for being a braggard" they then both turned to me and apologised that i keep seeming to find the wrong person and that it will be dealt with then i woke up . this is the thing though, i was annoyed, but i didn't want her dead its like that guy i ended up hitting, i didnt want to hit him and hospitalise him, its just ive never really been a police officer who is supposed to deal with civilians, especially after some of the situations ive been in where a civi has an %80 chance of turning out to be a demon or a were-wolf or a ninja or something. i never wanted to hit him, i just wanted to deal with the situation, and i don't think i know how any more.

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 12:01 am 
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Real Name: Set to Private
Counsellor Rina Masitrios: (nods) Your team is short staffed, considering. It's not really my remit to interject like this, David, but ... each of you is being called on to fill roles outside your specialities. It's harder than the work you're used to, even before you add the unknown paranormal elements. You've got some lose cannons in the group to cope with - no, not you.. well, not just you. Anyway, you'll be surprised how much slack the management team are prepared to cut for you.
In this case, this assault, I don't know. You got the goods, and you're heroes, and hopefully that is going to sway the day in your favour.

Running the Game - the loneliness of the long distance blogger
Tengwio, hinoin! U eo swaillir, aneo?

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:25 pm 
Farmer) yeah,i suppose, i mean i just didn't intend for any of this to happen, you know...........any way thanks,

(farmer gets up and leaves the room)

Out of Character:
im not going to bother doing the actual script thing for a montage as they are long winded and highly unnecessary in this situation

Int:farmers hotel room Farmer walks in the room he goes over to the wardrobe and takes out his suit case he opens it up and feels the padded inside pocket he pulls out a worn book, he moves to the bed and launches himself on to it he starts reading the book, we see now it is a copy of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, we fade to a close up shot of farmer in the morning asleep with the book across his chest his face in extreme close up slightly barreled lens

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 8:45 am 
Erica, Part One
Cover it up.

Whatever it takes, cover it up.

Where is this coming from? Why do I want to do this?

The Dewart woman, everything she found, everything those two nosey coppers found. I must get hold of it, hide it, destroy it. Cover it up.

But it's important... Cooper's note said she found out much more than she bargained for... surely it's my job to investigate this??

Coopers note! I gave it to Cliff to act on. Foolish. Must get it back, must get rid of it...

Get rid of it?? It's the only lead we have! It has Dewart's address on it! .... I'll get the note back, get the address and meet Cooper at the house. Yeah - help with the search. Got to keep my head...

Cliff's made copies... dammit! What can we do? Got to get them back.... A text from Cooper - he's getting a warrant to search the Dewart woman's house. Got to stop this. Intercept it. Cancel it. NOW!

Why?? We want to know the truth!

Cover up the truth!


Oh yes, you will. Got to get the note. Got to cancel the warrant. Stop people investigating. Stop them!
Ask Rupert. He'll know what to do...

But.... Rupert's trying to cover it up too... he needs to be stopped, just like I do...

Rupert suddenly breaks... wants to come clean - about the chip we found, about Dewart, about the dead pathologist. He's wrong. He must be stopped!

Hit him! Hit him with your asp!

Hit him! Hit him with your asp!

Out of Character:
To be continued..... a lot.

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:30 am 
Erica, Part Two
So here we are again, waking up in yet another strange place, with... odd things having happened to me that I can't quite remember. I would say it's all part of the job, but you know there really is only so much a person can take...

When was the last time my life was relatively sane? Oh yeah, that was it. We were chasing escaped genetically engineered dinosaurs around Dartmoor. Very normal and everyday.
Not that I remember much about it after I fell down a hole... oh well done, Erica. Very clever.
The damp, musty smell of the cave is the last thing I remember there, and quite a lot of pain. Can't move... Ed's there, and Rupert. They're calling for help... can't move...

Then suddenly I'm waking up in a hospital bed. Thank the gods! I'm still alive! I'm...!

I'm in restraints.

This isn't right... a man and a woman are here. Quite why they need to wear sunglasses indoors is beyond me, but there they are. Suited and booted and telling me that I will comply. I will comply.
Comply with what? Who are these idiots? I want to see a doctor. I want to know if I'll ever walk again... I want to go home...
Uh-oh, out comes a needle.

To be continued further...

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 10:16 am 
Erica, Part Three
Scene: Interior, ambulance. Night.
Shot 1: Extreme close-up. Erica's eyes: they are closed but beginning to flicker open. There is a rattling and rumbling sound, and her head jolts from side to side occasionally, as she is inside a moving vehicle.
Her eyes open fully now and she starts to look around groggily. A hand suddenly clamps over her mouth.
Shot 2: Ed from Erica's POV, crouching over her. He is wearing a space-blanket as a makeshift toga, over a hospital gown.

Ed: [Stressed, whispering] Don't make a sound, Erica. We've got to get out of here.

Montage: Erica, Ed and Rupert escape from the ambulance. Rupert runs into the hospital and makes his way over to a payphone. Erica and Ed run across the car park.

Erica: [Voice-over] Getting home again is all a bit of a blur. I think we got picked up by Derek in the end... someone must have phoned it in. What I do have a very clear memory of is realising that I could run. How long had I been unconscious?

Montage closes with dolly arc shot around Erica in the middle of the car park, jump cutting as she looks around for a hiding place. The shot comes to rest on her looking confused and frightened. Change to a slow zoom in on her eyes. Change to Erica's POV - [SFX] despite the darkness and poor sodium lighting in the car park, her vision seems perfectly bright and clear, as if it is daytime. The shot has a slightly grainy appearance and unaturally green/yellow hue. There are animated text and lines appearing and scrolling etc at the edge of the frame, a la Terminator-vision.

Erica: [Voice-over] And everything just got a whole lot weirder...

Closing shot - 2 seconds of Erica blinking, wide eyed. Cut.

Scene: Interior, Erica's bathroom. Night.
Shot 1: The bath and shower from overhead. The shower is on. Erica is crouched underneath it facing the wall, occasionally wiping her hair out of her eyes.

Erica: [Voice-over]We're on leave, I think. Not sure, wasn't really paying attention to the debrief.

Shot 2: Erica in profile, close-up (shoulders neck and head only). She is out of the shower and sitting on the bathroom floor, going through the motions of towelling her hair, with a glazed expression. Behind her, through an open door, we see a TV with the news broadcasts of the recent terrorist attacks on London.

Erica: [Voice-over] Something about some bombs going off in London. Terrorists at it again. Counter terrorism are all over it, we have nothing to do. Suits me, I don't want to go anywhere...

[She stops and examines her right arm, flexing her fingers, rubbing the tips of them together, prodding her wrist with her other hand.]

... Still doesn't feel right... like it's... not mine any more. Ribs aren't right either... can't feel them anymore. All smooth...

[Her face twitches, as if she has suddenly thought of something else.]

... Hm. Stupid idea.... what was I doing...?

Scene: Interior, Erica's living room. Day.
Shot 1: A wall of the room with framed photos hanging on it. Erica paces back and forth into and out of the shot. She is wearing pyjamas, her hair is unkempt, she has bags under her eyes. She is agitated, muttering to herself.

Erica: [Improvised script, muttering] Can't think... focus... focus.... need to figure this out... this is all wrong, something is wrong... okay, hold that thought.... [etc etc]

Erica: [Voice-over, comparitively calm] The thoughts won't stay in my head long enough to figure them out. I know something's wrong, but everytime I try to think about it, I get distracted... forget what was wrong... something about my body being wrong... but then it goes again. I can't hold onto it...

Shot 2: Wider angle of the living room. It's slightly messy, she hasn't bothered cleaning up for a few days. A crumpled duvet lies on the sofa, an instant noodle pot or two litter the floor along with some cutlery. A small dining table in one corner is cluttered with ephemera. There is a mantlepiece lined with ornaments. The TV is off. Erica continues to pace amongst the clutter, becoming more and more agitated. The phone rings.

Shot 3: The ringing phone in the foreground, in the background Erica glares at it. She moves forward and answers it.

Erica: [Quiet, calm, expression glazed] Yes? Erica here.... we're back on? Fine....... Yes, I had a nice christmas. Bye.

She hangs up and stands staring at the phone for a few seconds.

Erica: [Murmuring] It's gone again... all gone again. [Begins to cry] Stupid work... stupid distractions...

Shot 4: The previous wider living room shot. Erica screams and throws the phone across the room, where it smashes photos off the wall. She then flushes red (raging) and proceeds to trash the whole room.

Erica: [Enraged, in between overturning table, sliding ornaments off mantlepiece etc] WILL.... SOMEONE.... JUST..... DAMN WELL..... TELL ME...... WHAT... THE Coventry IS... GOING....ON?!

More continuation incoming... won't be so long next time - sorry!

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 5:41 pm 
Erica, Part Four
Ed... is... dead...
Ed is... deeaad...
Uh huh, uh huh...

Dammit! Can't get that song out of my head.

Killed in the line of duty. All very tragic.
Took me to a barn out in the fens to investigate these Defenders of Abraham and the Dewart woman's disappearance. Oh we found traces of her, all right - and the DA.

That's not right though... Ed didn't tell you why, he just took you away. You were worried on the journey...
There was nothing to do with the case there, just those... people in dark glasses again. The ones from the hospital.

Nice little bomb factory.
So they got Ed, and I escaped. Drove back to Huntingdon and picked up the rest of the team.

One. One bomb, that was it. And they got both of us! And then let me go for some reason... What the Coventry am I saying all this stuff about the DA for?

Of course, by the time we got back there, the bomb factory had been cleared out and all was left was Ed, one shopping trolley full of C4, and some drums of petrol.
I'm not sure how the fire got started, or where the giant tentacle monster came from, but at least the bomb didn't go off...
The fire turned out to be rather more dangerous though. And somewhat fatal for poor Ed...

Uh huh, uh huh...

Oh, stop it...

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 1:32 pm 
Erica, Part Five
Ok, I'm back in the job. Things are calming down - this is good. Take my mind off things. Get back on the case.
Bit of surveillance, nice and easy. Down at the bar belonging to the Dewart woman's activist group, we need some info. That's the funny thing about having all your hair burned off - gives a person a very... anarchistic look. I fit right in, oh yeah...
Turned out to be an exciting night too - that Farmer's a bit of a live one... wouldn't think so, to look at him. Police brutality, eh? Well, well. Nearly blew the whole gaff, but we worked round it.
A lot of play-acting later (I was particularly pleased with my 'oh my god! That guy stole my car! Help!') we're inside the place and getting it scoped out.

I think Cooper is trying to mess my head up or something - spilled his drink all over himself and blamed it on Ed?? What a freak...

Well, things are going swimmingly until the place is raided by crazed tramps with shotguns and explosive vests - yeah, just a day in the office for young Erica. Are these guys the Defenders of Abraham?
Cliff and Sparks turn up in the nick of time and we get it sorted with the minimum of explosions (ie one). Something was happening outside though - strange monsters - more damn tentacles...

It was the men in shades and suits again, Erica! You idiot! Why can't you remember?? They're turning into tentacle monsters now! What the Coventry??

What are the DA doing attacking Dewart's activists? Hmm? Think about it! You're being played! Being made to say things that aren't real!

It's all linked... it's all linked... this is bigger than us...

Wow, what a day. Time to get some sleep...


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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 11:16 pm 
Erica, Part Six
Scene: Interior, hotel reception. Day. Typical furnishings: Lounge seating, long desk, large glass automatic doors leading to exterior, lift doors visible in shot. Erica and Sparks enter from one of the lifts. Rupert enters through the exterior doors. He is carrying a large, square silver case. They see each other.

Sparks: [Casual] Hey Rupert, where have you been?

Rupert: [Serious] The pathologist. About Ed's post mortem.

Sparks: Oh. What's in the box?

Rupert: Evidence.

Erica: Um... right. [Lowers her voice, slightly conspiritorial]Would that be the chip she found? I wondered earlier why it wasn't with the report...

Rupert: [Confused] What chip?

Erica: [Growing impatience] The chip, Rupert. From the base of his neck. It seems like... [Her face twitches as if shrugging off a bothersome thought] ... like it was kind of important. Where is it? We should take a look.

The scene briefly changes to a flashback of Rupert in the street the night before, holding the file. He takes the chip from it, in a small clear plastic bag, and emotionlessly drops it down a drain. Post production note: higher contrast shot than normal, noise filters, distortion, maybe a close up of his eyes. Creepy, metallic sound effects over the top.
Cut back to continue the previous scene.

Rupert: [Casual] I don't know, back at the lab I suppose. I probably forgot to pick it up... You know... [Face twitches similarly to Erica's] does seem important now you mention it - I can't think why I'd have... oh well.

Erica: Well, I want to go and look at it as soon as possible.

Rupert: [Indicates box] Sure, I'll drop this off and come with you. Sparks?

Sparks: [Cautiously, still looking at box as they walk away back to the lifts] What is in the box, Rupert...?

Scene: Interior, Dr. Pembrook's pathology lab. Day. Start on a shot of a body lying on the floor, covered with a sheet. Pan across the familiar setting of trolleys, other sheet-covered bodies, morgue cabinets etc, only this time we see police tape and several SOC officers are milling around in the scene, white boiler suits, shoe covers etc.
Come to rest on Erica, Rupert and Sparks gazing quietly on the grim scene, looking a little shocked. Another SOC Officer stands next to them.

Erica: So... has it been determined how Dr. Pembrook died?

SOC Officer: No signs of any wounds, head trauma, or even much of a struggle. So far we only have an approximate time of death, which had to have been sometime after 10pm which was the last time she was seen alive, by your colleague here. [Indicates Rupert, who nods quietly]Can I ask why you're here?

Erica: Er, yeah... we needed to pick up some evidence from her, but obviously things here are...

SOC Officer: Well, yes. You'll have a long wait to dig that out, I'm afraid.

Rupert: [To SOC Officer] Is there any X-Ray equipment in the lab that we could use?

Erica and Sparks: [Confused] What?

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 11:27 pm 
And the last one...

Erica, Part Seven
Scene: Interior, lab corridor. Day. Begin on a close-up of Rupert examining the back of Erica's neck.

Rupert: Hmmm... yes. Definitely need to do you too, Erica.

Erica: [Concerned] What is it? Is something there?

Close up of back of Erica's neck. There is a small, pink X-shaped scar.

Rupert: I'm not sure... it's not much really. But it is in the same place as the chip we pulled out of Ed's body...

Wider shot of the corridor. Rupert finishes examining Erica. Sparks stands nearby looking puzzled.

Erica: [Turning to Rupert] And you're going to X-Ray yourself too?

Rupert's face twitches, as previously in the hotel reception.

Rupert: No... just you...

Sparks: [Confused] What's all this about, R...?

Rupert: [Cutting across] Could you do me a favour Sparks and go and ask if you can look over their crime scene, while we do this?

Sparks: Ummm... sure... ok... [Wanders off]

Scene: Interior, the X-Ray room. Day. Rupert and Erica enter. Erica stops directly in the centre of the shot, with the camera zooming in on her. Her face twitches again. Pan across as she looks round at Rupert. They exchange a significant look, and are now both unemotional, walking with purpose and certainty. Rupert begins turning on X-Ray equipment, but Erica makes no movement towards the bed in the middle of the room. Instead the two stand face to face in the middle of the room.

Erica: So. Where is the chip?

Rupert: Gone. I got rid of it last night.

Erica: Good. No one must get hold of that, there is too much evidence floating around now. This has to be covered up, right?

Rupert: I agree entirely.

Erica: And the pathologist?

Rupert: She needed silencing. I took care of it, as you can see.

Cut briefly to shot of the pathologist studying Ed's autopsy file. In the foreground, Rupert in profile. His face twitches again, and the shot pans down to his hand reaching into into his pocket and bringing out a stungun. Post-production notes: Same high contrast, noise, distortion, eyes close-up, creepy metallic noises etc.
Cut back to current scene.

Erica: How did you do it?

Rupert: Stungun to the back of the head. It was instantaneous, and clean.

Erica: And should keep them puzzling over it long enough for us to destroy the rest of the evidence... [suddenly shocked] Oh gods, the note!

Rupert: Huh?

Erica: [Urgent] I have to get back and find Cliff. I passed on a note from Cooper with a statement about Dewart and what she was up to. It needs to be destroyed. They musn't link her to the air base!

Scene: Montage. The hotel, various locations at the police station, Dewart's street. Day. Cliff reading the note, Cooper scoping out Dewart's house, Rupert with Ed's autopsy file, preparing to destroy it, Erica running around corridors, looking flustered. Sparks get a call on his phone:

Sparks: [Answering phone] Hello?

Woman's voice: [VO] Don't let them destroy the evidence. They are trying to derail the case. The memory stick. Get the memory stick, it's everything. [hangs up]

Sparks: [Confused, as usual] Sorry? What? Who is this? Hello? [He looks down at his phone. It is switched off.]

Montage continues. Rupert suddenly drops the autopsy file as his face twitches again. A look of horror creeps across it. Cliff photocopying Cooper's note, Cooper standing outside Dewart's house again, sending a text. Dewart's hallway, letters piled up in front of the door. Camera closes in on a small jiffy bag lying on top. Cliff, Sparks, Rupert and Farmer all receiving the text. Erica pacing down a corridor at the police station. Her phone beeps. Close up of message as she reads it: "From Fire-Starting Maniac: Have asked 4 warrant 2 search Dewart hse. Can team meet @ the premises 1600?"
Erica suddenly backs up and storms away, more frantic than ever.

Scene: Interior, corridor in the police station. Day. Rupert enters from a door, looking troubled, carrying the autopsy report. Erica rounds a corner in the background of the shot, sees him, calls out to him and hurries over.

Rupert: What is it?

Erica: [Lowered voice] We've got problems...

Close-up of Rupert and Erica. She talks conspiratorially, glancing round to make sure no one nearby is listening.

Erica: There's a warrant on it's way to search Dewart's, we've got to stop it, intercept it, cancel it, anything! And...

Rupert: [Cutting across, grabbing her by the shoulders] Listen. Stop. This is all wrong. We're wrong! I'm going to make a full report - about the chip, about the pathologist, everything.

Erica: [face twitch] What??

Rupert: Trust me, it's the only thing we can do now.

Erica flushes red, screams and tries to punch Rupert. Wider shot of the corridor, they continue to scuffle, several officers poke their heads out of doors or stop walking and look round at the commotion. Cliff and Sparks enter and try to break up Erica and Rupert.
Close up of Rupert casting a spell while fending her off. Erica suddenly goes limp and crumples to the floor. Sparks puts handcuffs on her. Another officer appears with a syringe and manages to stick into Erica's still vaguely struggling arm.

Erica: [Whimpering, delerious] All wrong.... let me go... got to stop this... stop the warrant.... .....stop me... [passes out].


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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 10:55 pm 
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Farmer,Via text wrote:
The T-Mech Is destroyed. Sparks has escaped and the area is under control. More details to follow when I get out of this damn thing!!

Bolt Action: Brits in Burma, German Fallschirmjager & Royal Marines commandos
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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 11:57 pm 
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So who is in charge of write ups this week?

Use a MediaCenter? Use Trakt.

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 Post subject: Re: d20 Modern / Fusion - THURSDAY Writeups
PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 12:09 am 
Out of Character:
We broke the new system as tonight was pretty much a team effort, Erica and Rupert were being surgerized meanwhile Sparks, Farmer, Cliff and Cooper ended up in a three way fight between themselves, the police and the "spooks". So I'm unsure as who is going to do what. I will post something for Sparks as it's a very very brief update that moves him along as a character and Pete has mentioned he will do an update for Rupert via his website.

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