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 Post subject: Dark Heresy(Character History)
PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:29 am 
Pete Renard has been running some Dark Heresy on Thursday, so heres a bit for my character.

"My Name... Thaddius. Loyal to the God-Emperor.

you might find that hard to believe since i have been in prison for sometime now, but hold you judgement until you've heard my story.

It all began in the trenches on some planet in some system, undersiege by some waagh. I was just one of many imperial conscripts, thowned into this war. Were were lucky, this part of the line wasnt often under heavy attacks by the Green-skins.

The greenskins are slow, dumb witted, brutish creatures. Known for simple, charging attacks. They would come in their hundreds but we would easily throw them back each time.

Although we didnt have much in the way of food, it was wet, muddy and cold, but we took a kick out of outsmarting these dumb witted animals. We would send a few guys to a forward point to lookout and when they came would fall back into our centre, and the greenskins will follow. No matter how many times we jump from our foxholes and catch them in a cross fire they keep taking the bait. It did occur to me that they didnt habe and armour or i never say any actual leaders but i was enjoying the sport of it too much.

So one day, in my fox-hole i saw our scouts running back, and like normal they were being followed. This time only a few dozen followed over, so we revealed ourselves and opened up. But before we know it were were hit from our flanks, and this is where it all kicked off. I noticed this great big green thing jump into a nearby trench, it must of been 10 foot tall, first swing killed 5 men and at that point i just hid and i say 3 other guys get their hide with me, another hit by a stray shot.

All i could feel was fear.... I knew i would do my duty for the Emperor with question, today i think it was my job to survive. Then suddenly Decius started wailing in fear, i dont know what he just saw but he was going to give our position away so i killed him, just placed my las-gun to his head and shot. I hid under the corpses in the hole. Then i waited in fear...

Hours later, we were pulled out by some Glory boys, one said 'these gun-babies aint good for anything but meat sheild' and anothe laughed. Before i could respond, i found that the man behind me had told the nearby officer of what i had done and he had me arrested. well , here i am and all i can say is...

Thank the Emperor it wasnt a comminsar"

enjoy, it didnt check spelling ro read it over, so there are likely to be mistakes....

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 Post subject: Re: Dark Heresy(Character History)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:37 am 
Journal Entry

"After a quick sentence into prison after what happened... Well, im here now, and as much as i hate it i have to make the most of it...

Seems there has been a positive in this whole thing, i've learned more of what im capable of but more importantly... my limits, its time i acepted that to acheive my goal, no my Duty to become the best... To be a weapon of unimaginable faith and power sworn by the Imperial Truth and to destrol all those who oppose the Emperor,
Out of Character:
(or me) :twisted:

But for now, i must acept my limitations, learn from others, learn in combat and learn from the mistakes of others, or there deaths. I havent told anyone, but i feel a duty to my freinds that i would fight for them... just i wouldnt die for them... That includes the Emperor, after all would good would i be if i were dead?

for know though, i must wait for my time to come... i cant spend the rest of my life in the prison can it??

and one more thing.... i didnt get arrested for shooting some one, i was caught running...."

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