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D20 modern Laurence & Jack's game(game members and DM only)
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Author:  magus [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D20 modern Laurence & Jack's game(game members and DM only)

My characters name is Neov. I am very old but keep my actual age a secret.

I am ghostly white with deep sunken back eyes and leathery skin. I have a dark aura around me. I always wear a long black treanch coat (the cloths under the treanch coat arent really visible) and have long black hair that is always tied back. There is a deep sense of sadness in what little of my eyes you can actually see. I also have a drak aura surrounding me

I am very quiet and contemplating distrusting of other humans. I hate to use firearms and prefer other means of damageing the enemy. But i will use guns when really pushed to. I am a very calm and methodical person and everything i do is for a reason.

hope that is enough of a description of my chr.....i dont want to give anything more away about my chr as 1 it will be nice to keep things hidden and i guess you guys wouldnt know. and 2. some things i havent thought up yet! :-P

Author:  Helios [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D20 modern Laurence & Jack's game(game members and DM only)

Jimmy Brickhauser, top Hollywood producer, sits with a furrowed brow, deep in thought as he reads the next page of B Day Temazepam's latest sample script...
Scene 37. Ext. Night. Venice back street. Narrow, cobbled? Dim street light, puddles to splash through dramatically. Terrace of buildings on either side, some with balconies and ladders.

runs into view from a side alley, and slows down slightly as he looks around for an escape route. Marla comes screeching round the corner after him, on her stolen Vesper moped.
Close up: Margie leaps onto the back of the moped from the side alley where she was also running after Tavington. They splash dramatically through a puddle, hair flapping attractively. Marla raises her gun and takes a shot.
Cut to Tavington ducking as a bullet ricochets with a spark off a drain pipe next to him. He turns and glowers at the approaching Vesper. Then begins running straight at it.
Reaction shot: Marla and Margie looking disconcerted at this unexpected turn of events. Marla becomes determined, however.

Margie: [panicked] What the Coventry are you doing??

Marla: [grinning crazily] Playing chicken....

[Margie covers her eyes with one hand.
Overhead shot: Tavington and the Vesper playing chicken in the street below, Illassa hovers into view in the foreground, observing the scene and pulling an arrow from her quiver.
Cut back to street level: Tavington is getting closer to the Vesper. Zoom to frontal close up of his charred and bleeding face, grinning evily.
Zoom to frontal close up of Marla, suddenly changing her mind and looking scared. Margie screams.

[Cut to slow motion sequence in which Marla steers the Vesper tightly around Tavington, who makes to go and punch her, missing.
Close up, still slow motion, Marla raises her gun out behind her, and fires again. Margie holds on closely round Marla's waist to avoid the gun, and pouts.
Close up: Tavington just about dodges the bullet, in SUPER slo-mo!
Cut to wider angle, normal speed: Tavington, now behind the Vesper, grabs Margie and tries to pull her off. They struggle for a second, the Vesper slowing and wobbling under the strain. Then Margie let's go and throws herself backwards on top of Tavington. Marla drives on out of shot.

[Close up: Tavington and Margie struggling on the ground, until Tavington punches her in the face, allowing him to get up.]

Margie: [furious] You punched me! HOW DARE YOU??

[Wide, panning shot of the street: Marla brings the Vesper back round behind Tavington and brings it to a halt to block his exit into the side alley. Close up: A small figure floats down beside her, and she double takes. It's Illassa, aiming her bow at Tavington. She fires, releasing a sparkly arrow.]

Tavington: [off shot] Ow!

Marla: [to Illassa] What the Coventry are you??

Illassa: [giggling] I'm Illassa, your reinforcements from SPI. Hee hee! He's all sparkly!

[Marla gapes.
Cut to Tavington and Margie. He is indeed sparkling out of his shoulder. Margie is still furious. Suddenly a Skeleton pops into existance behind Tavington, armed with a sword. Margie screams.
Reaction shot: Marla gapes harder. Illassa beams.

Illassa: Yay!

Marla: [to Illassa] Did... did you do that??

Illassa: [shakes head] Nuh-uh...

[Cut back to Tavington and Skeleton.]

Tavington: [alarmed, staring at Skeleton] What the...


[It attacks Tavington.]

More again later....

Author:  Helios [ Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D20 modern Laurence & Jack's game(game members and DM only)

Brickhauser takes a sip of coffee and turns to the next page of the script...
[The Skeleton gets a good hit on Tavington. Then, another appears behind him. Cut to shot of Neov, grinning in the shadows.
Cut back to Tavington. He looks perturbed and climbs up the wall of the building and over the roof, with cool looking acrobatic stunts (wire-work and post production for that 'weird' feel, I think).
Margie screams with rage again, and runs back round to the alley she entered from. Marla follows on vesper, Neov and Ilassa chase him over the roof.

Scene 38. Venice street (from Scene 36), night. Wide, crane shot. It is now completely deserted of civilians. The principles variously leap from roofs, run from alleys or screech into shot on mopeds to enter the scene, firing guns, sparkly arrows or summoning skeletons. Camera slowly moves down to ground level as they complete their entry and come to a halt just in front of it, holding choreographed poses (very kung fu action flick, yeah?).

[Brief close-up shots of each of the principles, looking variously crazy, angry, determined. Finish on and hold shot with Tavington, grinning.]

Tavington: [Slightly out of breath] It didn't have to be like this. I could have been on your side. And what a team you'd be then...

Marla: [Close-up, scoffs] You tried to screw us over! And we're doing just fine without you, thanks! [Fires at him again]

[Cut back to wide shot of street, the fight continues.
Tavington disarms Margie of her stick and hits her with it, then he hits Marla. They both fall down unconcious. Reaction shot of Neov and Ilassa, who are across the road.

Neov: [Shocked] Er... not good. Back in a sec! [Runs off shot, left.]

[Cut back to Tavington, who kneels down and treats Marla's wounds. Cut back to Ilassa, taking aim with her bow again.]

Ilassa: [Confused] Er.... huh?

[A car comes screeching into shot, being driven by Neov, which skids to a halt next to Margie and Marla. The door opens and Neov drags both women in. Ilassa flies through the sunroof. Tavington saunters round in front of the car.
Neov revs the car a couple of times and zooms forward to run Tavington over. As he rolls over the top of the car, however, he grabs on. Ilassa pops up through the sunroof and fires her bow again. He loses his grip and lands on the road.
Shot of the car speeding away with Ilassa waving from the sunroof. Cut back to Tavington who gets to his feet, battered, bloodied and bruised, looking at the escaping car. He chuckles to himself and limps away in the opposite direction.

Brickhauser chuckles and closes the script. He takes a pen and a post-it pad, and scribbles a note, which he sticks to the front...

Brickhauser's post-it
Hey Steve, give this a read - latest from Temazepam. Where the Coventry does B Day get this stuff??
Needs more fire and sploom - should write those two guys who left in helicopter back in ASAP. Thinking of Michael to direct?

Jimmy xxx

Author:  Jackolas [ Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D20 modern Laurence & Jack's game(game members and DM only)

Just So Y'all Know We will be playin' the game this week.
So its back to Texas for us!
Yeeeee Haww :D
Love Jack

Author:  Jackolas [ Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D20 modern Laurence & Jack's game(game members and DM only)

Though it is probably my turn for a writeup
So in the last few games we have seen our crazed strike force of special agents invsetigating strange occurrences at a Texan Logging camp.

The group are met at the Camp by Billie-Rae Jackson. An S.P.I agent who had indulged far too much in certain Redneck activities. The stench of death hung in the air as the group began to search the surrounding area. When the closed in on an abandoned truck they were attacked by monstrous lizards that seemed neither alive nor dead.

After fighting many of these foes the team continued to search the camp. Neov climbed atop the watch tower and set off a terrible trap. A gargantuan pile of logs rolled straight into the tower and broke the struts clean in two. The tower crumpled and the dark magician was buried under the wreckage. The rest of the team still unaware of their friends problems were suddenly attacked by a huge grotesque being. They all proceeded to engage it in combat, starting with Billy-Rae who unleashed a storm of bullets from his revolvers. Neov stumbled over to help at this point looking beaten and bruised. The beast shone a bright gem at the team which affected no one but the new Texan member of the group. He stood in complete awe while the beast grabbed him and tried to drive him into the cold, wet soil. The rest of the group finished the beast off. Billy-Rae then tried to carve the gem from the slain foe but was promptly stopped by the rest of the group. He then stormed off and sat in his jet black Dodge Charger. Marla called the Texas police and requested that he was removed from the operation. Soon after the wailing of sirens could be heard approaching.... In a cloud of dust Jackson's dodge and the police cars sped of into the distance....
Following some more searching the group decide to follow a mud track into the woods.

* Cue walking through forest scene with eerie music*

The team eventually find a clearing and notice a huge stone staircase leading to an ancient calendar system 40ft in the air. Now extremely weary of any structures Neov decides to test its strength. All seems well. With a smirk Sebastian simply walks around the structure followed By Ilassa,margie and wolfwood. They enter the dark cave and are met by some kind of animated water creature which they quickly destroy. Suddenly they all feel a rumble beneath their feet and a huge worm tears through the stone floor. Thinking just as quickly as ever Sebastian takes charge of the group and instruct them to fall back to a safe distance while he prepares yet more C4. Margie and Ilassa both unleash their own sparkly attacks which don't seem to really affect the beast. From the other side of the tunnel Tavington appears clutching a glistening golden shotgun and with a scorn tries to wrestle with the huge monster. Sadly he was simply tossed aside by the colossus. Using his special weapon wolfwood fires a rocket straight at the worm and the whole cave rumbles as the projectile meets its target. Another ball of flames follows when the C4 is set off. In a cloud of smoke and with loud thuds and rumbles some massive rocks fall from the ceiling of the cave and crush whats left of the battered animal. When seeing the force and precision the group unleashed upon this foe Tavington turns around and runs straight into a weirdly glowing arch of stone and completely vanishes.

Brickhauser finishes writing the action for the day and closes the folder. He writes another post-it and places it on the cover.
Brickhauser's post-it
Dave, the budget really is being eaten up by this Sebastian Bloke using so much damn C4. Is it really necessary? sort it out!

Author:  Jackolas [ Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D20 modern Laurence & Jack's game(game members and DM only)

Incase anyone gives a fuck im not going to be at the next game and Im not sure when I will be again. Have fun though

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