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Eve Conquest
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Author:  Harroguk [ Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Eve Conquest

I have not bought this game yet however I have looked through the shops demo copy and am now fairly farmiliar with the rules (still a few bits I learn each game though) and will run demo games for people that want to try it, Just let me know if you want one.

Eve Conquest is essentially a war game with a little bit of resource management thrown in for good measure. You need to earn victory points by taking over specified (Randomly by card draw) terretories in space before the other player. You can also take victory points from your enemies and earn them yourself by attacking your enemies and taking their facilities.

The biggest problem I had with Eve Conquest was that the initial set up of the game seems to take an innordinatly long time to complete. It only consists of a few phases
    Base Placement, Reveal target territories.
    Claim Territories (8 more per player)
    Place Outposts
    Determine game order
but this initially took 2 players 1hr 30 mins to learn. Although it did only take me 40 mins to teach it to 3 other players. I anticipate that this time could further be reduced once everyone knows what is going on and doesnt require the long explanations of everything.

Once setup is completed the game turn is decided by an interesting mechanic.
    Each player has 3 types of turn, all are placed on a calendar on the board and depending on how many resources you play towards a particular turn type the length of time /efficiancy of that turn will be increase/reduced. This means that it is possible by spending/saving resources to get multiple turns before your opponents.

The 3 types of turn are
      Used for expanding your empire into unoccupied space or for planting agents into your opponents space
      Used for producing more units in order to defend your space or attack your enemies
      Used to move units, Carry out attacks or draw from the various card piles for extra benefits

The second phase of the game (The actual playing rather than setting up) flows fairly well with players taking their turns and no turn taking an excessive ammount of time.

The game lasts either for a pre determined ammount of victory points or for a predetermined ammount of years to go past on the game calendar and game time will pass at approximatly 1 hour per game year.

Overall the game is reasonable, I didnt really have any problems with the mechanics and other than the first time you try and set up the game is fairly simple to learn the basic mechanics. The only niggles I had were...
    You end up stacking so many (poker) chips that they could have been made interlocking in order to stop them sliding arround when they are in large stacks.

    Some of the cards have the same effect however they have different card titles/pictures. This is good from a variety point of view however it means you need to constantly re-read your cards in order to know what you have rather than being able to tell at a glance.

    The 2 player game becomes a fairly simple fair once the battle lines are drawn as you can immediatly respond to your opponents attacks/counter attacks. the 3-4 player game is much more interesting with alliances being formed and broken.

As always opinions from other people who have played are welcome. What did you find interesting/annoying about Eve Conquest? Would you want to play again (Im not organising a game here just looking for opinions)?

Author:  Harroguk [ Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Eve Conquest

I have added a poll to this post so that others that have played, that may not want to write a full review may voice their opinion.

Please only vote if you have played this game.

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