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From the Vault: a Guide to HOMEBREW
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Author:  Altair-the-Vexed [ Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  From the Vault: a Guide to HOMEBREW

Common to many gaming tables are homebrew rules, monsters, classes, races, spells, technologies or magic items. You can homebrew things to keep your players guessing, or to fit a thing better into your campaign, or to change a rule, item or some other aspect that you think is badly expressed in the Rules As Written.
Without careful checking, these amateur efforts can get out of hand - so the best thing to do is to submit them before a panel of your peers for scrutiny.
Here then is a guide to how we can post homebrew material for review and modification on these boards.

The title of your thread
Putting some tags in your thread title will allow users to decide before they click if they are likely to be interested in your topic.
  • Name the game system your homebrew is for. E.g.: [d20 modern], [D&D 3.5], [Runequest], [1st Ed AD&D], [WoD], [War Hammer], and so on.

Accept contructive criticism
Let people offer advice about your idea and work with it. Other players are often the best people to look over your work - they can see the problems that you haven't thought of.

Give constructive criticism
Don't just post "Durr - this sucks!" if you don't like a homebrew idea, try to explain why you think it won't work.

This isn't the thread to post homebrew in, or it'll explode with comments and new ideas, and be too hard to track responses to your own idea.

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