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 Post subject: six20 Fantasy RPG
PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:09 am 
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I've been working on a set of d20-derived rules for some time now, and am ready to run the game at the club.
I suddenly realised that I'd kept this under my hat for a long time and hadn't posted anything public about it! So here's the summary of the changes from the regular d20 fantasy rules (the "vanilla" rules, for short) to six20 FRPG.

Low level
Characters stop advancing in levels at 6th level, but continue to gain XP, which is used to gain feats. There is no limit to the number of feats you can have once you reach 6th level.

Generic classes
Just three classes, and most of the class features of the core classes are turned into Feats
  • Warrior - just like the vanilla fighter class, good BAB and lots of fighty feats
  • Expert - loads of skillpoints and a few feats
  • Spellcaster - cast like a sorcerer, gain a few feats

    Note that the Spellcaster class carries a few more changes with it than meet the eye at first:
    • There are no clerics, only spellcasters with the Turn Undead feat and a spell list selected for its healing
    • Anyone with the skill can perform lengthy ritual magic - which has backlash risks and takes 15 minutes to several hours to complete
    • The churches of the World are run by preachers and politicians, with only a few Spellcasters in the ranks

Reduced races
Just Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling
  • Dwarves - low light and stonesight (a tremorsense variant) instead of darkvision
  • Elf - different starting age and age penalties
  • Halfling - increase STR penalty, add a CON bonus, reduced WP (halflings are feeble straight up fighters, but have lots of VP), increase bonuses to sneak
  • Half-elves are represented by humans and elves, if necessary - you can claim half-elven heritage, but it'll have no mechanical effect in game
  • Half-orcs are a non-player race

Many feats
Certain class features from the vanilla d20 rules are adopted as feats.
Certain feats accessible only to high level characters in the vanilla d20 rules have been made available at lower level.

Special racial feats
Added some racial feats to set the races apart from humans
  • The best Halflings sneak and throw, resist and recover better than humans ever will
  • The best Dwarves are at home in the dark, endure beyond human limits, and stalwart defenders
  • The best Elves are inherently enchanting, can tell a sparrow from a finch a league away, and can see into the future

Completely changed magic rules
Spells are made up out of Words of Power - combining a target word with an effect word (or more than one effect word at higher level), and optional metamagic words.
Spellcasters learn Domains of Power - themed collections of effect words.
Ritual magic can be performed from a pre-written formula, which combines words of power in the same way.
Magic items are split into Limited Magic Items (single-use items and charged items) and Permanent Magic Items (those with continual powers or a number of uses per day).
Magic items duplicate spells - they are crafted by combining Words of Power in the same way as for spell casting or rituals.

Several changes fall in the category of "Combat".

Players roll all the dice
When a bad guy attacks you, you roll to dodge instead of his roll to attack.
Your AC turns into a Defence Bonus, and is added to a d20 roll.
NPCs' attack bonuses are added to 10. This is DC for you to dodge the blow.
Players get to roll all through the combat, not just on your turn.
Combined with the VP and WP system, this means your character is forever dodging - just sometimes it's more tiring (loss of VP). When they finally get too tired to evade, they get hit.

Vitality and Wounds
You gain Vitality Points (VP) the same as you would HP. You also have Wound Points (WP), equal to your CON score.
Only heroic classes get VP.
You lose VP until you run out, then damage comes off your WP.
VP heal quickly (1 per hour).
Whenever you take WP damage, you make a save to stay conscious.

Armour is damage reduction
You'll get a class bonus to defence, and no AC bonus from armour.
The DR of your armour (to be supplied from a handy table I have somewhere) comes off any WP damage you take - NOT VP.

Critical hits and misses
Critical hits don't cause extra damage as such - you gain an opportunity to attack, maim or move.
Attack: make an attack of opportunity, or combat manoeuvre attack
Maim: inflict debilitating conditions on the target (against their saving throw)
Move: take a free 5ft step
Critical misses happen on a bad attack roll, or a good defence roll. These are confirmed by a second roll against the same target number. The defender can take an attack of opportunity or take a 5ft step if the critical miss is confirmed.

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