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 Post subject: [HOMEBREW Magic item D&D 3.5] Mageweave Bracers
PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:44 am 
I've been playing around with a few ideas for something, and this popped into my head last night. Let me know if you think it's overpowered/underpowered/too expensive/too cheap please.
Mageweave Bracers

These thin suede bracers with elaborate metallic threadwork were originally created to increase wizards' spontaneity on the battlefield, though recently they have found favour with sorcerors and fighter-mages seeking to improve their repertoire. Fashioned by the elves from deerskin and arbitrarium, these bracers are rare, but still crop up from time to time in armouries, universities and the like.

When spells are cast into the bracers, the arbitrarium contained within "learns" them for a short time, up to the maximum capacity of the bracers. The wearer may then expend a prepared spell or spell slot of the corresponding level and type (arcane or divine) to cast one of the stored spells so long as it appears on their class list. The arbitrarium will store any given spell for up to twenty-four hours or until dispelled, regardless of how many times it is cast. As a side effect of the casting process, stored spells do not require a somatic component if cast from the bracers, though verbal and material components must still be supplied if necessary. Spells are cast at the wearer's caster level.

For purposes of spell storage, cantrips and orisons (level 0 spells) take up the same storage space as a level 1 spell. Due to the nature of the item, Mageweave Bracers never contain any spells when found as random treasure.

Moderate Transmutation, CL 8th, Craft Wondrous Item, Mnemonic Enhancer;
Price 7,000gp (1 level), 18,000gp (2 levels), 30,000 (3 levels)
Cost 3,500gp + 280xp (1 level), 9,000gp + 720xp (2 levels), 15,000gp & 1,200xp (3 levels)

The intention here is to let wizards enjoy a little spontaneous spellcasting for useful spells without having to dedicate slots to preparing them, widen a sorceror's effective spells known, and/or let fighter/mages cast low-level spells in armour. Please bear in mind when you critique it that it costs 1 spell slot to "prime" the bracers with each spell each day, plus one slot for every time you cast it.

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