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 Post subject: [d20 & D&D 3.5 - for debate] Languages as skills
PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 3:39 pm 
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Under the D&D and d20 modern rules as written, one can either speak language perfectly, or one cannot speak it at all - which in no way represents real life.
I found a house rule on another forum that I thought would make a good base for a more realistic version of languages in d20 modern and D&D. Please have a look and let me know what you think. It's not my rule, so feel free to rip it apart!

Speak Language:

It now requires 3 ‘class ranks’ in Speak Language to gain complete fluency with a given language. Partial ranks are also possible, as shown below:
1 Rank: Rudimentary conversation with a limited vocabulary. Able to convey basic intentions, or obtain very common and straightforward information. Make a DC 14 intelligence check to understand general meaning of another conversation. Incur a -6 competence penalty to skills regarding the use of that language.

2 Ranks: Casual conversation with an average vocabulary. Able to communicate effectively regarding common matters, generally understandable and able to understand conversation. Incur a -2 competence penalty to attempting to pass as a native speaker or debate or understand things of an unusual or obscure nature (such as matters requiring a Knowledge (the planes) skill).

3 Ranks: Completely fluent. With some immersion and further practice, able to speak as well as a native speaker. Complete vocabulary.

5 Ranks: Mastery. You have Mastered this language, including obscure or ancient forms of it. Your vocabulary is impressively extensive, and your understanding and command of the language enables you to flawlessly communicate with others. Gain a +4 competence bonus on language-based skill checks while using a language you have Mastered.

-Spells such as Comprehend Languages and Tongues grant the equivalent of 2 ranks in all languages to their recipients.
-Characters start the game with a number of class ranks in Speak Language equal to 1 + Int modifier in addition to their automatic languages.
-People are considered to have rank 3 in their native language (such as Elven for elves), and 2 ranks in any other automatic language (such as Common for elves).

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 Post subject: Re: [d20 & D&D 3.5 - for debate] Languages as skills
PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:10 pm 
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makes sence

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