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 Post subject: Loudwater thread
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:37 pm 
And so it began, a disparate group of individuals formed a tenuous bond of friendship whilst partaking in the offered at the Merry Mer-She. The individuals who have met in friendship are Tewan, a halfling boatman, Jamie the Wanderer, Melek (practioner of the Art and cleric of the god of wizards, Lord Azuth), Woort devotee of Sharess, goddess of hedonism and the irrascible Blum Hearthrob (bouncer and general enforcer at the Mer-She).

The friends were galvinised into action upon hearing that an aquaintence of Blum, one Gerhardt of Gladenford, had disappeared into the High Forest recently after discovering what appears to be treasure trove. In addition, the Lord of Gladenford, a well respected breeder of racing horses, reported to the authorities (in the form of Marshal Harbromm, Commander of Loudwater's Northern Watch) that one of his stable lads and a prized roan stallion had be stolen away and he offered a not immodest reward for their return. In response to these two items, the friends went seeking audience with Harbromme at the Constables Tower and offered their services. Harbromm gladly accepted their assistance and authorised that the friends be allowed to requisition mounts and some other equipment for their journey.

A peaceful (??) night was spent by the group that evening whilst Blum Heartthrob negotiated a leave of absence with his employer - a request that was grudgingly allowed. The following morning, after a hearty breakfast, the group set off for Gladenford a small hamlet about a days travel away. An uneventful journey was undertaken with the only event of note being an encounter with a small patrol of the Loudwater Shield, led by Jarrod Rold, a man known to Jamie. Jarrod reported that his patrol was checking the veracity of reports of drow raiders - although they told you that they had not found any evidence of drow in the area, something about their demeanour made you think that something was amiss in the area.

Upon arrival in Gladenford, the group immediately located the Green Stag inn, not hard to do as it was in the centre of the small hamlet and is the largest building present, if a bit ramshackle. The friends were greeted kindly and food and lodgings were provided at a reasonable cost. As the afternoon drifted into early evening, Blum began an arm-wrestling competition with the locals to earn a few coppers. This provided much entertainment for the locals, especially when one of their own, a logger by the name of Lorvic, bested Brum and Tewan and was applauded as champion. After the competition, much drinking, singing and other merriment continued throughout the evening. Tewan seemed to strike a rapport with the landlord, Anders Bloorsson - a rapport that appears to based on a mutual affection for apple cider. Blum and Woort, however, were not as successful in their amorous approaches to the Stags' maids - Freda and Freya, Reghic's daughters.

Blum took his leave of the inn about 9 bells and sought out the constable, a stout,middle aged man by the name of Kerfault to seek information on the disappearance of Gerhardt, Lord Gladenford's servants and peasants of the local area who appear to have been abducted. Kerfault gave what information he could and offered to guide them into the forest as far as he knew.

In the morning, Kerfault arrived as promised, bearing a note from Lord Gladenford confirming the terms of the reward and carrying with him an exquisite necklace which he told you had been given him by Gerhardt. Upon inspection, the necklace seemed to be of ancient make, very likely elven and was inscribed with elven writing, a part of which Melek was able to decipher. After breakfast, the group went into the High Forest and being guided by Kerfault they cut across the trail of the missing peasant children and Gerhardt (?) which they followed for some time (Kerfault by this time returned to the hamlet). By highsun, the group found themselves walking a parallel course to a group of mounted warriors, heavily laden with stolen (?) goods. Although surprise was not complete, the group engaged the miscreants and won a small but decisive victory, killing a Zhentarim mage, a priest of Bane, a Zhentilar officer (all of whom had an eye tattooed on their right palms) and as small sqadron (8) of Zhentilar - 2 of which were captured. Particular mention must be made of the brave and foolhardy charge of Blum into the midst of the Zhentarim forces and the clever actions of Tewan who managed to successfully position himself in the rear of the enemy.

After collecting the spoils, the group decided to return to Gladenford with their prisoners and the goods they liberated. Upon arrival in Gladenford, the prisoners were interrogated......thoroughly. They surrended information in return for a certain amount of leniency, and have told the group that they are indeed Zhentarim forces and are operating from a secret base - even they are not sure where the base is as they have only been taken there via magical means. They tell you that the base has been hewn out of solid rock and that it lies somewhere in a forest. They also inform you that their leaders are the only ones who know how to access the magical portal but they know that activation is somehow linked with the tattoo they each bear.

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 Post subject: Re: Loudwater thread
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:55 pm 
Blum Hearthrob takes centre stage in the bar.....

Out of Character:
".....and so gurls.....there I was minding my own business.....looking for me mates.......when we got set upon by them ruffians.....hundreds there were....well.....tens anyhows......and all of a sudden I was overcome with rage see.....couldn't help meself........had to sort 'em out.........cor lummee......."

**takes swig from flagon**

" anyway enuf about all that bother......what time do you laydeeeees knock to in......"

"....where you goin? Somefin I said or wot??? Gurls........................gurls........................................"

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 Post subject: Re: Loudwater thread
PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:56 pm 
There i was in some backwater called loadwater. Enjoying what the locals had for entertainment, which was two fine ladys of the night. Which i made full fun & enjoyment of for hours, for the cheap price of 4 bits of silver coin, and did they scream with pleasure, that they did Ha ha ha. Me being a priest of Sharess goddess of feasthall & pleasure a mung other things nudge nudge wink wink.
Me and fellow friends decided to rescuce some fooolish youths that had decided to find the hoard that a lowly forester had found in the woods of the high forest and later disappeared in.
While in these woods we happened upon some Zhent raiders that had being raiding the local population. Blumheart lead the charge and with the blessing of Sharess slew the mage that lead the band, but bsoon found himself serounded by many foes. With MY & Sharess aid we soon dispached them with a little help from a woodsman named Jamie, who played a miner part.
We tracked the quickly vanquished foes to some ancient stones & while searching the area i some found a ancient manor, that had bin hidden for centurys.
As i lead the way into this conceld holding, a foolish dwarf lit a torch so he could see in some darkened room. Then three Stirges nearly bled him dry, but by Sharess grace he lived! thanks to my company of my friends & i. If sharesses healing touch had not been with him he would have died, but by her grace he lives.

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 Post subject: Re: Loudwater thread
PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:03 am 
Experience point awards

As promised, although later than expected, I have totalled XP for the last 2 sessions. I have also included bonus XP for high stats.

Blum Hearthrob XP 925 Next level: 2000

Woort XP 840 Next level: 1500

Melek XP 880 Next level: 1500/2500 C/M multi-class = 440/440

Jamie XP 750 Next level: 2250

Medro XP 450 Next level: 2000/1250 F/T multi-class = 225/225

Gorio XP 300 Next level: 1250/2500 T/M multi-class + 150/150

Olak XP 375 Next level: 2250

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