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 Post subject: 4TH EDITION MY INITIAL THOUGHTS part one?
PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:58 pm 
Hi everyone,

Anyone that knows me new I had my doubts we had all heard rumours.

This new edition is very good the books are very well produced easily laid out and the whole feel about them makes them pick up and playable.
There are three new races and several new character classes.
Trust me this game has many brilliant design features. I really like the way characters can play for much longer without the need to rest. I love the way you don’t have to have a balanced party. I know that may sound strange however its true play what you like. Lets face it if you did not have at least a fighter thief wizard or cleric in a group you can as a dm could predict the out come. Don’t get me wrong I am a great fan of all versions of d&d except second edition and loved what the previous version did however try getting new players to stick or understand the rules. It was never easy and then of coarse you have to find the new dms now that's a different subject to learn the rules and apply them.
My favourite thing about the way they have balanced the classes is the many varied powers you can call upon. These are at will, per encounter and daily. Everybody has neat tricks they can use and so has each race.Many of these abilities compliment or help out one or more characters and combined can be pure mean to the bad guys. Don’t worry dms wait till you see the monsters fun fun fun.
Combat is a big part of RPG games I like the way it flows very clean no silly complications about movement or attacks of opportunity. Very easy to dm however don’t be fooled the combat is very explosive in this version and criticals are mean they now confirm automatically and are max damage however it only occurs on a twenty.
Magic Biggest change of the whole system one could say completely different. You will recognise certain spells however the way it works and the way results are applied is very different to any previous versions of this game. It makes the whole thing balanced in my view. One of my biggest concerns about other versions is how quickly magic replaces skills not now skills are important throughout all levels and what they can do is quite simply brilliant. I still maintain that roleplay skills are roleplayed however in this version like before there are options for those who cant but it’s a small negative. People who like to play spell casters will find the new character classes some what limited in spell choice however don’t be fooled its all in the detail as my good mate would say. Some spells slow, daze move or create combat advantages. Its all about learning when and were to use them and that's kind of neat. Poor players will take combat damaging spells and not see the others advantages. And lets not forget that there are now 30 levels to spells.
Magic items Anyone that told you they would be stomped on was a fool. This part is so diverse and many of the items are simply fun and really balanced. It has a great set of mechanics here to create what you want as a dm. It also still captures what made many of the older versions fantastic and there is a neat bit in the dmg about artifacts I loved the bit about vecna(really appealed to my chaotic side).
Of coarse I have only scratched the service and have not fully play tested the game into the early levels however it certainly hit all the right buttons for me. I really think that this game opens up so many options for the players and couple it with some neat feats and multi class mechanics and you have the makings of an excellent system.Also lets not forget one of the biggest selling features great for new players to our wonderful hobby and that cant be a bad thing.So if any body out there want's to run a game count me in. Normally I dm however its that good I would love to play. For me 9.5/10

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 Post subject: Part two
PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:49 pm 
I have now had the books since Saturday.

I have scrutinised them have tried to pick them apart and generally find the holes.

I have come up with nothing.

They are superb and it just gets better and better. The classes are brilliant and some of the ideas around high level play would seem to work.
However it must be remembered I have not play tested it just applied my experience. The reason I say that about high level play is currently the game breaks down above about sixteenth level in my view however with this edition it will play into the higher levels and still maintain a sense of balance and that’s something I like.
I also love the fact that the ultimate level you can achieve is 3oth level and it requires a million experience to get there now that a nice touch.
Experience would seem to be better handled in this version and a tad slower I think which is a good thing in my view.
Every level you achieve gives your character options there are no dead levels anymore and that’s great again.
I could go on, if it plays as well as it reads it could become the greatest version of them all.

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