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 Post subject: The Cataclysm Of Phantasia ,The Bards Tale:Evil Party
PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:30 pm 
It's a good concept, But its going to require your assistance.
Here players are free to write about there exploits in games, in third person point of view.
Feel free to dramatise your adventures and battles.
And remember :Stirctly Roleplay only.

I don't have internet at the mo, as you probably all know. So i can monitor or write much, otherwise I would contribute to this.
It sound slike a shakey idea, but with your contributions this will work-

This is the EVIL thread, so evil players are free to write about there adventures to follow and assist Veldaritche's plans to destroy phantasia, and bring death and darkness to all those inhabiting .

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 Post subject: The journey to Deathknell
PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 3:47 pm 
Now, this is a tale from the land of Phantasia, a tale of Veldaritch and her
mercenaries, and the destruction that was destined to follow in their paths.
Our story starts in Brambleheart forest, where 4 travelling mercenaries
sat at their camp. Korali, (black shadow in his native tongue), a human
child of Nerull, Zamornan, a gnome dedicated to the black arts, Henk, an
outcast half orc vowing his revenge against those who refused him and all
like them, and finally, a lone sole who’s name is still unknown to this day,
but for this story, we will simply refer to him as Ginge. Now, our party
may be evil, but Brambleheart was something else, something that filled
these mercenaries with horror and disgust, the trees reaching out with
blood drenched branches, the somewhat humanoid bones that poke out
through the floor, and the continuous stench of decay and acid that hung
in the air. After packing up, onwards they marched, managing to avoid
the luring trees, ever getting closer to their destination.

As they marched along, suddenly a spear flew out and stuck into the
side of one of the mercenaries! A small band of kobalts emerged from the
tree’s and started drawing closer to the party, shouting curses in draconic
as they ran. Running straight to battle, Henk sliced the first one in two,
and the party watched in horror as the ground seemed to digest the
corpse. In fear for his life, Zamornan attempted to move backwards,
putting distance between him and his attackers, only to find a sharp grip
attach to his arm as he backed into the blood thirsty trees. Keeping their
wits about them, the rest of the party quickly moved forward to dispatch
the oncoming kobalts. After a long, hard battle the party eventually
overcame the band of kobalts, though not
without the wounds to show for it. Heck discovered after picking up their
leader’s dagger that the strange acidity of the ground and tree could, in a
sense, be imbued onto weapons, and thus decided to take it for his own.
Thinking it better to move before further attack, the party journeyed on.

A few day’s later, thanks to little trouble from the forest, they
finally reached their destination, Deathknell. Upon arriving at the gate
Zamornan yelled out to the guard, “Let us in dude, were mercenaries!”.
Not taking kindly to the insolent behaviour, his demand was returned with
an arrow to his left arm. “You would do well to be gone stranger, if you
still want your eye’s in the morning that is.” Bravely Korali stepped
forward, “I apologise for the rudeness of my acquaintance. We are
mercenaries, called forth by Veldaritch. We understand she resides in this
town.” Swiftly the gate swung open, as a small humanoid figure stepped
out, “We welcome you, just be sure to keep that one shut up when
speaking to her greatness Veldaritch.” “Don’t worry,” replied Korali, “I’ll
make sure of that.”

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:04 pm 
500 exp
300 gold
for such an excellent post.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:21 pm 
Khon wrote:
500 exp
300 gold
for such an excellent post.

Oh no - its catching!!!! :twisted:

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