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 Post subject: Ladder League - Battle Report - Cryx v's Orboros
PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:35 pm 
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Pressgangdan v's Myself

Dan had 25pts I had 26pts.

Dan ran;

War Witch Deneghra
2 x Deathripper
Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus
Bane Knights
Scrap Thralls
Pistol Wraith

I ran;

Pure Blood Warpwolf
Warp Wolf Stalker
Reeves of Orboros
War Wolf
Totem Hunter
Victor Pendrake

Table was set up and I went first. Suprisingly Dan had gone for lots of forests.

I took the fisrt turn and kept my Reeves at range, moving my war wolf up and into a wood near the Bane Knights. The Totem Hunter and Victor flanked out wide on the left with Krueger and the wolves moving up behind a hill.

Dan ran his forces forward to close the gap quickly and try to prevent me flanking him. He split the 2 Deathrippers as wide as his control area would allow.

My second turn saw the reeves move up and shoot one ripper allowing the ward wolf to chage and finish it off. The strange combo of Pendrake and the Hunter continued to go wide. As I had n ot declared what "prey"The Totem Hunter would be after we rolled for it and the dice decided it would be the Reaper :shock:

Dan moved the Bane Knights up and ran to again close the gap on Krueger and the wolves.

My next turn saw the Hunter Charge the Reaper Jack doing some damage but not enough to hurt it. Pendrake missed the now visible Deathripper with his bola. The Hunter Warpwolf charged in to help the totem hunter but even this did not finish it off. Krueger cast Tornado on the Reaper and did enough damage to finish it off. My wolves and solos and catsre were now exposed so Krueger cast his feat killing the pistol wraith, and acrap thralls.

Dan moved up his caster and caste her Withering feat making the Totem Hunter easy to kill....The Bane Knights now ran over to help as Dan was now seriously outnumbered on his right flank. Deneghra withdrew into the woods out of sight and charge range.

The Stalker and Pendrake killed the second Daethripper between them. Krueger flew after Deneghra and dropped into some woods for cover.

Deneghra saw the lone Krueger as easy meat and ghost walked through the woods to get to him. She missed with all three attacks she threw at him.

The WArpwolf Stalker charged Deneghra, fisrt attack missed the second attack hit and the dice roll was very lucky and very high, killing her.

If it wasnt for that pesky "Big Mo", I'd be king !
Winner of; The Colombian 1994 World Cup Award.

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