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 Post subject: Tales of a trollkin warcaster
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:14 am 
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Please note the following battle report was conducted with large amounts of advice from Jack who helped me with how best to construct a turn and the best ways to slaughter his own troops… therefore the result should be given a low level of credibility… Additionally I made Jack play with a caster he doesn’t like.

Grim surveyed his troops, with him for this skirmish he’d bought with him a troll axer and impaler, A mauler and the ancient dire troll Mulg. A war wagon held the right flank a fel caller hero held up the rear along with a bellows crew. Advance deploying was a unit of Pyg burrowers and the mercenary Alten Ashley.

Across the Field stood Commander Stryker, a Jr and a Stormwall! Additionally a unit of storm guard and a unit of stormblades. My left flank was held by 5 mounted gun mages and to my right The treacherous Boomhowlers with a commander (something that made the boomhowlers count as in faction)

The battle would be fought over a mosh pit.

The trolls Ran en masse, the only exceptions to this were the Pygs who borrowed to advance and A sniped Ashley who removed a gun mage from his mount from his position in a wood.

The Cygnar army advanced with more caution than the big white’s.. their first round of shooting proved in-effective.

With the cavalry moving to outflank the pygs burrowed again and moved to the rear, Much of the army advanced cautiously, Alten removed a stormguard infantryman and the wagon moved behind the wood with crosscountry.

Feeling confident the boomhowlers would hold their flank the Cygnar trolls charged towards the Beast brick. The wall advanced and missed its shots again.

Turn 3 is where things started to warm up… the Wagon charged through the wood and crashed into some boomhowlers killing 1 and knocking down 2 more, the shots scattered to little effect. The champion hero moved into the boomers and buffed by the fel caller and rage killed 1 troll and knocked another down.

The melee beasts advanced into the centre of the mosh pit and camped. Grim sniped another stormGuard as did Alten.

The wall missed more shots into the high def Brick and chain gunned 1 damage to the champion hero. The boomhowlers did a further 2 damage to the enemy solo. Storm guard charged and killed the axer. But found Mulg a slightly harder nut to crack. The Mage Cav shot and missed Alten and used their light cav move to engage the sniper solo. Stryker advanced behind a wall to within a long ranged charge of the enemy.

The Wagon Quake cannon dropped a shell into the middle of the human lines and cleared 7 Infantry, with the help of the impaler Grim cleared out the rest opening a charge path for both dire trolls at the stormwall. With the opening made Mulg (causing 20 damage in 1 hit) and the Mauler wrecked the colossal between them.

With little in the way of options remaining to him stryker (curring himself for 11 damage) boosted his P+S to 28. Unfortunatley it cost him 3 focus to get within range leaving only enough for 2 boosted attacks… He missed them both.

Grim stepped away from the Cygnar Caster transferred the free strike to Mulg and knocked Stryker down leaving the fel caller free to finish the job.

With Mulg and the Mauler Grim and the Fel caller in the mosh pit and it being defended by 1 storm guard and 1 stormblade, Jack had no option but to attempt to end the game, but for an inability to roll a 9 on 3 dice he may well have determined the game on a tough roll (I only had 1 transfer).

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 Post subject: Re: Tales of a trollkin warcaster
PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:50 pm 
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It was a good looking game too.

Lots of nice painted models and some nice scenery.

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