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Russian Redemption?
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Author:  mattwhile [ Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Russian Redemption?

The Iron Wolf was intending to listen intently to the briefing, whilst still staring into the distance, but what he saw in the distance took his attention from the Officer barking out instructions and battle plans. He was pleased with how his soldiers were taking in their instructions, but then he had no need to worry that the men wouldn't follow his plan to the letter. No, the shapes in the distance that distracted him were where battles were really won and lost - his Warjacks. He could make out the unmistakeable silhouette of Black Ivan in the distance, and it pleased him immensely. He could also see a few other metallic monstrosities in his field of vision, including one that kept closing up into what looked like an unbreakable walking bunker. The soldiers were integral to victory, but the Warjacks would be the ones to claim that victory. He would never allow his soldiers to think like that though, which is why the briefings were of paramount importance to continue that fa├žade. His attention switched fully back on to the briefing as one of his soldiers coughed unexpectedly.

Author:  mattwhile [ Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Russian Redemption?

Bridget was sitting cleaning her sniper's scope in ready for tomorrow's skirmish. Her mind wandered to the foe that awaited - Menoth. Their hymns seemed to redirect bullets from hitting their intended targets. Her unit had learnt the hard way to target the members of the choir before attempting to shoot the Warjacks. Hopefully everyone would remember this in the heat of battle. The cold bite at her hands as she continued the pre-battle tradition of ritualistically cleaning her rifle. The Iron Wolf would be leading them tomorrow. He was a complex man who was driven to succeed, Bridget had found. She continued cleaning as the cold tried to bite again.

Author:  mattwhile [ Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Russian Redemption?

Bridget couldn't believe what she had witnessed, the battle was over in minutes. Harkevich had been taken down far too easily she thought. His beard was still smoking from the fire that had engulfed him completely, just moments before. She decided to check if he was still breathing, so made her way from where the woods where she had spent the entire battle. She reached Harkevich in seconds, only it wasn't him. It was a very good look-alike, but it definitely not him. He smelt of Vodka. Harkevich only smelt of Vodka after battles.

Bridget was struggling to comprehend what was occurring. Why was this happening? As her mind struggled to understand what was happening and, more importantly, why it was happening. The battle replayed in her mind. The Warjacks had moved forward, but not shot in anger. She hadn't noticed at the time, but now it seemed strange. Just at that moment something moving in the distance caught her attention. It couldn't be. Was it? It looked like Zevanna Agha. It couldn't be. If she was here then the 'fake' Harkevich must be her doing. She felt anger rise in her. Why would they risk her life for a rouse? Then her dutiful side emerged and the anger dissipated. She would have to remember to look at the bigger picture, that was what the Old Witch preached.

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