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Would you like to take part in the open playtest (if its feasable for us to run it)?
Poll ended at Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:30 pm
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 Post subject: Warmachine/Hordes Breaking News
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:30 pm 
Privateer Press wrote:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mk II? Is it like Prime Remix but with more changes?
WARMACHINE Mk II is a new edition of the game, not a refinement of the existing edition. WARMACHINE: Prime Remix was not a new edition but rather an update to WARMACHINE: Prime.

The new edition will contain significant updates to the core rules of the game as well as comprehensive updates for existing WARMACHINE models and units. Numerous adjustments have been made throughout the game to streamline gameplay and clarify rules interactions.
What does that mean for the players?
As we have always maintained, WARMACHINE is an evolving game, and we are constantly striving to make it the best miniatures game experience you can possibly find. For nearly six years, we have collected and analyzed feedback from our player community and spent countless hours critiquing our own work. As a result, we have developed new and better methods for presenting the mechanics of a complex tabletop war game. The changes in WARMACHINE Mk II will range from subtle to significant, but for the most part, you will still see the game you know and love.

WARMACHINE Mk II is not a relaunch with the intention of drawing a different audience to the product, nor will existing players be compelled to purchase new armies in the wake of change. This is a system upgrade intended as one more step toward a perfect game. We are confident that when you have a chance to see where we have gone with things, you will feel it is a right and natural evolution for WARMACHINE.

After six years and hundreds of models, there is some fine-tuning and consolidation that must be done. WARMACHINE Mk II will address those nagging little things that have stacked up over the years of releases.
Which core rules have changed, and how?
Additional details will be forthcoming, but some of the core rules changes in WARMACHINE Mk II include modifications to the warjack system rules, the unit formation rules, and the point cost system.

Every single model has been reevaluated from top to bottom for game balance as well as rules interactions to bring you the best tabletop gaming experience possible.
What are some of the most important changes to warjacks?
Like warbeasts, warjacks are no longer destroyed until they have lost all of their damage boxes. There are no longer “disabled” wrecks and “destroyed” wrecks; a wreck is simply a warjack with every damage box already marked off.

Furthermore, many of the attack penalties for performing power attacks have been reduced or eliminated, and most warjacks now have a higher MAT and RAT than before.
What are some of the most important changes to warriors?
The unit formation rules have been changed to eliminate the four types of formation (tight formation, open formation, skirmish formation, and cavalry formation). A model is now either in formation or not.

Units have also been streamlined significantly so that the number of stat profiles players need to remember is roughly half of what it was.
Will many models change in point cost?
Every single model will change in point cost. The point cost system has been retooled in WARMACHINE Mk II.
Are any of my models going to be obsolete in WARMACHINE Mk II?
No. All WARMACHINE models will still be usable in the new edition.
Will any of my Mercenary or Minion models become unusable with my faction?
No. A Mercenary or Minion model may be able to work for additional factions in WARMACHINE Mk II, but no models currently usable in your faction army list will become unusable.
Am I going to have to buy a bunch more models in order to stay competitive?
No. The goal of the new edition is to improve gameplay and balance. Players will have more options than ever but will be able to transition existing armies into WARMACHINE Mk II.
There are models coming out that I was planning on getting. Should I hold off until Prime Mk II is released?
Not at all. Upcoming models released prior to Mk II will be welcome additions to your WARMACHINE Mk II army lists. Some of these models will see a bit of streamlining in the new edition, but Mk II is all about options. New models as well as old favorites will receive a tune-up for rules clarity and functionality in order to be ready to meet on the field of battle. The only thing you'll be missing if you get the model now is the Mk II stat card, which will be available in the upcoming Mk II faction decks.
Will my favorite model be stronger or weaker in WARMACHINE Mk II?
That depends on your favorite model. Some models will grow stronger, while others will be more accurately balanced. You may find a new favorite model when you break into WARMACHINE Mk II or renew interest in an old favorite you’d almost forgotten.
When will WARMACHINE officially move to Mk II, and what does this mean for HORDES?
WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II will be available early in 2010, with force books to follow. HORDES will also move to the Mk II rules in 2010. HORDES will remain completely compatible with WARMACHINE.
Will I be able to use my current model cards?
No. New cards will be needed to play WARMACHINE Mk II. Card layout and content is being revisited to provide all relevant information as clearly and concisely as possible. These Mk II cards will be available when the new edition releases in 2010.
What will be the overall cost for the average player to upgrade to WARMACHINE Mk II?
Players will need to purchase new faction card decks for the faction(s) they play and will need the new WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II rulebook.
What does WARMACHINE Mk II mean for organized play?
Organized play will continue in the current WARMACHINE edition throughout 2009, and all official Privateer Press events throughout 2009 will use the existing rules.

In 2010, WARMACHINE leagues, tournaments, and release events will use the new edition of the rules.
Where can I catch my first glimpse of WARMACHINE Mk II?
A public field test of the WARMACHINE Mk II rules is scheduled for April 2009. This will be both a public introduction to the new system and an opportunity to clarify any rules questions before the books go to print.

The field test will offer players the opportunity to play WARMACHINE Mk II versions of all the models from Prime, Escalation, Apotheosis, Superiority, Legends, and Pirates of the Broken Coast in a month-long league. Players will be able to provide feedback on errors, problems, and so on via an online interface during the test month.
Is WARMACHINE Mk II still in the early stages, then?
No, WARMACHINE Mk II has been in development and testing internally for almost a full year already. The public field test is merely the last step in providing you the cleanest rules set possible.
Where can I find additional information on WARMACHINE Mk II?
For more info, keep an eye on and the pages of No Quarter Magazine, beginning with issue #23.

This news just broke over on the PP site :) Personally I think it sounds like good news as the number of rules were getting a bit on the cumbersome side. That said with the open playtest it looks like PP are taking on the thoughts of the players so we should get an even better game out the other side.

Could I have a quick poll please as to who would be interested in playtesting (in between league games for those of you in it) if I can get us involved? Similarly if anyone has any strong feelings or good suggestions on this could you post them up here and I'll pass them on if you're not a member of the PP forum.

Thanks for all the help guys :)

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 Post subject: Re: Warmachine/Hordes Breaking News
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 10:10 pm 
Vocal Minority
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Hey, I'm always interested in being simple :?

There are some very strong models at the moment that could do with a bit of a tone down and I've always thought that those massive powerful steam engines of destruction, (on paper), are pretty weak in gaming.


I did think it a bit biased that my warjacks could be disabled and those huge Hordes monsters can keep on going.

Looks like it could be fun.

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 Post subject: Re: Warmachine/Hordes Breaking News
PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:01 am 
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Initial personal response is not positive. This smacks of the GW/FoW approach, whilst not rendering my force obsolete it is making every stat in every book I've bought to date redundant, and requires new cards for everything . Seems to fly in the face of everything PP spouted in their previous claims of business ethos. Some rules are a bit of a mess, but not sure this is the solution. Would be interested in seeing what they have proposed, although I'll be starting from a very cynical/wary point.

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 Post subject: Re: Warmachine/Hordes Breaking News
PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:58 am 
I must admit the new cards for everything got my goat a bit too. That said you don't actually have to buy the new faction book, you can get away with just a new deck so it shouldn't be too hard on the pocket. What I'm hoping will come out of the discussion board though is that they will combine the core rule books so that the hordes players don't have to wait an extra 6 months/a year to get Mk II and to do away with a nasty transition period.

From a pretty new player's perspective there are a mass of rules that don't always make sense as they've constantly added to the game so I'm hoping they just take abilities which do pretty much the same thing but under different names and give them one name. You have to admit some of the cards for the newer models are almost unreadable the print had to be that small.

I know what you mean about the GW feel to this but it is something the guys on the boards have been calling for for quite literally a year or more. I think the fact that PP are willing to do an open playtest shows they're still sticking to their original principles and are listening to us as players. Either way we'll see what it looks like in April hopefully :)

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