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 Post subject: Teams we think woukd suit coaches play styles
PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:57 pm 
Motor Mouth
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Something sparky and I were talking about today. What teams may suite certain coaches.

As I defensive coach maybe dwarves are for me :D

Soarky, anything aggressive :D which could be anything :wink:

Big bad beestee maybe would suite chaos dwarves. Al loves a scrap and a big guy. Chaos dwarves fit that perfectly !!!

Rayner, anything that allowed a turn end to end TD with lots if crazy stuff !

If it wasnt for that pesky "Big Mo", I'd be king !
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 Post subject: Re: Teams we think woukd suit coaches play styles
PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:15 pm 
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Aaz has proven necro is where he naturally sits,

Zog suits orcs perfectly as he has the most disciplined disregard for the ball I've ever seen

Steve o is a definite dwarf played, stoic grind without the dirt of their chaotic bretheren

Al as steve says, clawpomb access, the chin for a fight and potentially devastating big guys.

Tom would sit perfect with pact, str play with reliable (ish) stunty chucking.

Whilst Paul has proven repeatedly he can play anything i think his game suited frogs to perfection. Patient reliable defence until the time is right then BAM.

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 Post subject: Re: Teams we think woukd suit coaches play styles
PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:18 am 
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Perhaps it was the fact I only played the developed Bo team but I thought they were a better fit than the frogs, I fared much better vs the frogs than I did against the chaos dwarfs so I'd put Paul down as suiting that organised grind style.

Bob suited the Orcs perfectly.

I get the impression Matt is settling in very well with the rodents.

I thought Gazza suited the pro elves, capable of greatness but also fragile.

I've not seen sparky stick with a team long enough, whatever he plays will be aggressive but I don't think dwarves or flings have been the answer. It could be woodies.

Al doesn't have the discipline for a cage and grind team, only two possible options for me: wood elves because there's always some crazy play and they're fast as the skaven (plus you don't need to blitz with ST2 players to knock the ball out) or pro elves with their almost unstoppable passing game.

Agree about Zog, Orcs are perfect.

Steve's players are always going to die regardless so it's got to be something low AV, there were some great players in the immortals lineup but I don't think the team suited him. Perhaps something like norse where the rookies join up with decent skills anyway?

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