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 Post subject: Season 16 round 3 (begins 15/08/16)
PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:55 pm 
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Greetings sports fans, and welcome to round 3. This round is bought to you courtesy of Brotherhood of Mutation as they Attempt to best the Reigning champions.


Division 1

Brotherhood of Mutation (GamesVaultSteve) - Blight Club (Drazgon)
Dawnstar Treadmill (SparkyDave) - Grave Peril (Paul)
Phalanx (McBuggerBalls) - Warpstuff Wodents (Big Bad Beeste)

Division 2

Bye (No Game This Round) (Bye) - Thumpin Bay Bucketears (pcha)
Tic Tac Smugglers (Zog) - Darklight Cowboys (TalonBay)
MK Athletic (Boomer) - Naggaroth Nightmares (Tommoxyz)
Blizzard City Avalanche (Chilli) - Sorass Salamanders (Gherwig)

Round event

Something in the Water

Nobody is quite sure what is happening this week but big blocks seem to be going in that much harder than normal.

When rolling multiple block dice, if you roll double splat then you get +1 to your roll to break armour. If you roll double skull then your opponent gets +1 to their roll to break armour. If you roll triple Splat then you automatically break armour, if you roll triple skull then your opponent automatically breaks armour.

End of season Individual Awards

There will be additional skills on offer for the players who manage to lead the way this season in the following categories;

Most touchdowns scored - Free Agility Skill
Most dangerous player - Free Strength Skill
Most successful passes thrown - Free Passing Skill
Man of the Season - Free Double Skill (Cancelling any normal skill he may get awarded from other Man of the Season awards).
(The skills come with the relevant cost increase to the winning players.)

End of Season Dungeonbowl

This season will see teams trying to qualify for the end of season showpiece that is Dungeonbowl.

The six teams that qualify will be:

The Current holder (phalanx)
The highest TD scoring team.
The highest CAS causing team.
The winner of Man with no name.
The two teams with the highest combined score in relation to other teams (please see the current standings).

Good luck one and all.

Lets not forget the Spot prizes

Its back for season 16... spot prizes for insane feats of Brilliance, please let me know if any of the following prizes are claimed.

1. Completing a pass causing a Casualty and Scoring a touchdown with the same player all in 1 game.

2. 2 Dice blitz on your opponents player currently holding the ball and rolling Double Pow.

3. Complete a quick pass with a natural roll of a 6. followed by a catch with a natural roll of 6.

4. Stun your opponents player rolling a natural 12 for armour followed by a natural roll of 2 for injury.

5. Cause any 5 SPP generating casualties with any 1 player in a single game.

Dawnstar Treadmill! The only team to win the league when Paul has been in the top flight (other than Paul himself)


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