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 Post subject: Season 14 round 7 (starts 10/10/16)
PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:31 pm 
Blood Bowl Commissioner
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Location: N'ton
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League Champion (1)
Real Name: Derr

Division 1

Dawnstar Treadmill (SparkyDave) - Phalanx (McBuggerBalls)
Warpstuff Wodents (Big Bad Beeste) - Brotherhood of Mutation (GamesVaultSteve)
Grave Peril (Paul) - Blight Club (Drazgon)

Division 2

Tic Tac Smugglers (Zog) - Thumpin Bay Bucketears (pcha)
Sorass Salamanders (Gherwig) - Bye (No Game This Round) (Bye)
Naggaroth Nightmares (Tommoxyz) - Blizzard City Avalanche (Chilli)
Darklight Cowboys (TalonBay) - MK Athletic (Boomer)

Round Event:

In honour of a fabulous Vaultbowl weekend.. BIG thanks to GVS yet again!

Roll 1D6 each - away team rerolling if a duplicate is rolled and apply BOTH results!
1 – No event
2 – Freak Weather
3 - Coach Bonus
4 - Orca Cola
5 - Excuse me Coach can I play.....
6 - 12th man

Round Events (ala vaultbowl)

Round 1 – No Event

Round 2 – Freak Weather

2 d6 - Effect

2 Lightning. The air is lit up by regular lightning strikes… When the moving team ends its turn during a lightning storm, roll a d6. If the result is a 1, a player from that team, randomly selected, has been struck by lightning. Place prone and roll for armour and injury as if hit by Mighty Blow.

3 or 4 Torrential Rain. A torrential downpour is causing complete havoc! All attempts to handle the ball, including Picking Up the ball and all Catch rolls have a -1 modifier. Only Quick/Short Passes may be attempted. The extremely muddy conditions reduce all MA by 1. (Adjusted MA cannot be reduced below 3).

5 or 6 Pouring Rain. A persistent downpour is making the ball slippery and difficult to hold. This causes a -1 modifier on all attempts to handle the ball, including Picking Up the ball and all Catch rolls.

7 Drizzle. The Storm is easing off, no penalties apply.

8 or 9 Autumn Wind. A strong breeze is blowing through the trees and blowing their leaves all over the pitch. This makes the surface a bit slippery and GFI’s will fail on a roll of 1 and 2.

10 or 11 Strong Wind. Immediately roll randomly on the Scatter template to determine wind direction. The result is the direction of the Strong Wind. All Kick-Offs and Inaccurate Passes will scatter an additional D6 squares (in the air) in this direction before normal scatter rolls are made.

12 Shrieking Gale. There is the most ear-splitting gale racing down off the mountain. All Kick-Offs are automatically touchbacks. No passes may be attempted.

Round 3 - Coach Bonus

Each coach will draw a random card from a deck, on it will be one of the 50k play cards. No Coach will have the same card.

Round 4 - Orca Cola

Vault Bowl IV sponsors Orca Cola provide a magic potion. Coaches must give this potion to any player on their team.
Orca Cola Result (D8 roll):

1 – player gains really stupid
2 – player gains loner
3 – player gains +1MA
4 – player gains +AV
5 – player gains dauntless and frenzy
6 – player gains tackle and wrestle
7 – player gains +1AG
8 – player gains +1ST

Round 5 - Excuse me Coach can I play.....

Each coach is approached by a stunty who offers his services;
Roll a D6:

1 - Snotling - 5 1 3 5 loner, dodge, stunty, titchy, sidestep
2 - 3 halfling - 5 2 3 6 loner, dodge, stunty
4 -5 goblin - 6 2 3 7, loner, dodge, stunty
6 - skink - 8 2 3 7 loner, dodge, stunty
The stunty will play for the team regardless of race.

Round 6 - 12th man

The crowd is on your side. Surf an opposing player into the crowd on your half of the pitch and the crowd beat them up with mighty blow. Players surfed into the crowd in their half will suffer a normal injury roll.

End of season Individual Awards

There will be additional skills on offer for the players who manage to lead the way this season in the following categories;

Most touchdowns scored - Free Agility Skill
Most dangerous player - Free Strength Skill
Most successful passes thrown - Free Passing Skill
Man of the Season - Free Double Skill (Cancelling any normal skill he may get awarded from other Man of the Season awards).
(The skills come with the relevant cost increase to the winning players.)

To look at the current standings go to ... =53&t=2995

Spot Prizes:

Its back for season 16... spot prizes for insane feats of Brilliance, please let me know if any of the following prizes are claimed.

1. Completing a pass causing a Casualty and Scoring a touchdown with the same player all in 1 game.

2. 2 Dice blitz on your opponents player currently holding the ball and rolling Double Pow.

3. Complete a quick pass with a natural roll of a 6. followed by a catch with a natural roll of 6.

4. Stun your opponents player rolling a natural 12 for armour followed by a natural roll of 2 for injury.

5. Cause any 5 SPP generating casualties with any 1 player in a single game.

6. Complete a long bomb pass with a natural roll of 6 followed by a catch with a natural roll of 6.

Please advise ASAP if you can claim one of these spot prizes.

End of Season Dungeonbowl

This season will see teams trying to qualify for the end of season showpiece that is Dungeonbowl.

The six teams that qualify will be:

The winner of MWNN
The highest TD scoring team.
The highest CAS causing team.
The two teams with the highest combined TDCAS in relation to other teams (please see the current standings).
The current holder - Phalanx

Dawnstar Treadmill! The only team to win the league when Paul has been in the top flight (other than Paul himself)


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 Post subject: Re: Season 14 round 7 (starts 10/10/16)
PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:34 pm 
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Joined: Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:26 pm
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Medals: 3
League Champion (1)
KO Cup (1)
The Man with No Name (1)
Real Name: Gary Buckley
Vault Bowl was a load of fun again! Even got inspired to run underworld next year and been redoing an earlier conversion Image

The leagues most winningest team, holders of league, chaos, grudge and dungeonbowl titles: Pitchblack Stealers

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