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Street bowl rules changes
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Author:  sparkydave [ Thu Oct 27, 2016 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Street bowl rules changes

For those who don't know, the Winter season traditionally runs a voulentary cup competition alongside the normal league format, Season 17 will be Streetbowl. League rules have been adapted as follows.

Street Bowl will be played on The standard streetbowl pitch, there will be 2 available at BH to be played on, some people have made their own or if it can be played on the central portion of your standard pitch.

Add +1 to the Armour roll for any player that is knocked over (Not Fouls) while playing Street Bowl.
The ball scatters as normal when kicked or thrown, but bounces twice upon touching the ground.

If a ball bounces into a wall (Sideline) during play (Including by a kick-off) then it will scatter D6 squares in a random direction using the standard Throw-in template, and then bounce twice upon hitting the ground as described above.
There is no touchback in Street Bowl unless the ball bounces back into the half of the kicking team or out the end of the street.
A ball which bounces out during play (Over the TD Line) will be thrown back by the fans using the same rules as Blood Bowl (D6 Scatter Template for 2D6 Squares).


A player can only be pushed into a wall if there is no available unoccupied square.
When a player is pushed back against a wall, but not knocked over (Push Result), leave the player standing, but make an Armour roll adding +1 because the wall is as hard as the cobbles! If the armour is penetrated the blocked player falls down, and you may roll for injury straight away.
If a player is pushed back against a wall and knocked over (Defender Down Result), then the blocking player may add +2 to the Armour roll (+1 for the wall and +1 for the cobblestones!). If the armour is penetrated, roll to injure as normal.
If a player is pushed into the crowd at either end of the street, roll to injure using the same rules as Blood Bowl.

Passing a ball off a wall is extremely difficult, as well as quite unpredictable. Any pass off a wall suffers a modifier of -1 to the Agility roll to pass the ball.
A pass which is bounced off the wall can never be intercepted, though players with Pass Block may still move to place tackle zones on either the thrower or intended receiver.
To measure the pass. Hold the range ruler sideways. It is possible to bend the ruler so that it goes from the thrower to the intended receiver (or empty square) and also touches one of the walls along the side of its intended path. This marks the section of the wall which the thrower is aiming for when he makes the pass.
If the throw is fumbled it lands at the thrower’s feet as normal and bounces twice (Due to the cobblestones).
If the throw is inaccurate it hits the wall, but then scatters unexpectedly D6 squares in a random direction using the (D6) Throw-in template.
An inaccurate pass which bounces off the wall in this way may be caught by any player on either team in the same way as a bouncing ball, failing which it will hit the ground and bounce twice.
If the pass is accurate it may be caught by the receiver as normal.


No Secret Weapons may enter the field at any point and their value is deducted from Team Value for the duration of this match.
Players on the field are limited to 1/2 of the allowed positionals for your team rounded down (i.e. Orc Teams are only allowed to have 2 x Blitzers on the field at any time, Human Teams may only have 1 x Thrower on the field at any time.)
You may have one Rostered loner big guy on the field at any time.
The Team comprises of 7 players chosen from your roster.
Any player not in the team is placed in your reserve box ready for use.

For Clarity, any team member rostered 0-1 may not play and does not count to your TV Unless it is a "big guy" which are allowed. So no Goblin Pogo or pact dark elf, but the Pact player may field any one of his big guys at any time.
A roster MUST be a minimum of 11 players even if this includes Journeymen to just sit on the bench.


The coach MUST set up as many players as he can for each kick off, up to a maximum of 7 players for each drive.
Due to the narrower width of the pitch, it is only mandatory to set up one player on the line of scrimmage
Only one player may be set up in each wide zone.
The Below Kick-off Table is to be used instead of the normal blood bowl kick off table.
Round Events do not affect StreetBowl Matches.


A player wishing to commit a foul does so as normal, taking assists into account.
Irrespective of the success of the foul attempt, the coach of the fouled player may roll a D6, adding +1 to the roll for every 3 points, or fraction thereof, of Fan Factor the team has.
If the fouling player has Sneaky Git Then the coach of the fouled player may only roll if Armour is Broken.
If the roll is 4 or more then the foul has been seen and the fans take action against the fouling player.
A roll of 1 before modification always fails.
The moment the foul is spotted Measure the distance from the middle of the nearest end zone to the player committing the foul as if the fans were making a Pass action
Roll a D6 to hit the fouling player treating the fans as if they have an AG of 3 (fans do NOT have Accurate or Pass skill).
If the throw is accurate then a missile hits the fouling player. If the throw is inaccurate then it scatters three times and hits any player that might be in the resulting square. If this square is unoccupied the missile bounces harmlessly of the ground. If the throw is fumbled then no missile is thrown.
Make an injury roll for the player hit (No Armour roll required).
If the thrown object results in the fouling player being stunned or injured, it is NOT a Turnover unless he was also carrying the ball when he committed the foul.

There is no EXTRA TRAINING option available for inducements in Street Bowl
In addition to all other Inducements teams may purchase (100k each) KEEPING THEM UP ALL NIGHT - This causes the opposing coach to remove one Team ReRoll for both halves.
Star Players are available as normal (Excluding any with Secret Weapons)

The coach gets a free wandering Apothecary/Igor for every match until Next years Cup Final. (at zero cost to TV or cash)


2 - Riot
A riot suddenly flares up in the crowd, distracting all the players. Roll a D6 for all players (including those in the dug-out). On a 1, the player runs off to join in all the fun and misses this drive. After rolling for all players, roll another D6 for any players who ran off to join in the riot. On a second roll of 1, the player is thrown out of the match by security for disorderly conduct and are removed as if sent off.

3 - Old Stadium
The stadium is in a state of ill repair and a supporting beam falls from the roof on to the center of the pitch. Each player on the Line of Scrimmage must make a successful Dodge roll (directly back) to avoid being sent flying. If they fail, they are knocked over into the square directly behind them. If another player is occupying that square then he is pushed backwards and stays on his feet. Roll armour for the knocked over player as normal, adding +2 to the roll: +1for the cobblestones and +1 for the falling beam.

4 - Perfect Defence
The kicking team’s coach may reorganise his players – in other words he can set them up again.

5 - Squits
Pre-Match Oranges may not have been oranges at all. Roll a D6 for all players (including those in Reserves). On a 1 the player is put in the Knocked Out box as they nip off to the toilets and may decide to stay for a while longer!

6 - Bad Kick
The ball scatters a number of squares equal to the roll of two dice on the kick off, instead of only one die.

7 - Changing Weather
Make a new roll on the Weather table.

8 - Quick Snap
The offence start their drive a fraction early, catching the kicking team flat-footed. All of the players on the receiving team are allowed to move one square. This is a free move and may be made into any adjacent empty square, ignoring tackle zones. It may be used to enter the opposing half of the field.

9 - Scramble!
Just as the kick off has taken place, an overexcited spectator accidentally drops a bag of cash into the middle of one of the end zones. Roll a D6 to determine which end zone the purse has been dropped into and then roll a D6 for every player on the pitch. On a roll of 3 or less, the player moves D6 squares, up to their maximum movement allowance (eg, a Long Beard rolling a 6 would move 4 squares), towards the square where the purse landed as they all race to grab the cash! Players may enter the opposing half and ignore tackle zones during this free move. Once resolved, the drive continues as normal. The first player who reaches the purse allows the coach to add +1 to the match winnings roll at the end of the game. If this Kick Off result is rolled more than once, the modifiers are cumulative.

10 - Blitz!
The kicking team gets a bonus team turn and may move before the receiving team. The bonus turn does not count against the kicking team’s turn limit for the half, so their coach does not have to move their Turn marker along a space, and he cannot be called for Illegal Procedure for failing to move the Turn marker.

11 - Wild Dog
A wild dog has got onto the pitch. Each coach rolls 2 dice and adds their team’s Fame to the score, rerolling ties. The high scorer’s fans convince the Rottwieler, Fluffy, to get one of the oppositions players Decide randomly which player on the other team was bitten (only players on the street are eligible) and roll for the effects of the injury straight away. No Armour roll is required.

12 - Wizard Threat!
Suddenly a cry goes up warning the players that an evil sorceror is approaching, causing panic amongst the players. Roll a D6 for all players on the pitch, starting with the lowest numbered player on the receiving team and then alternating from kicking to receiving team. On a roll of 6, the player has seen this all before and defiantly stands his ground. On a 5 or less, the player races off to try and avoid being toaded by the sorceror! Move the player D6 squares in a random direction, up to their maximum movement allowance (eg, a Long Beard rolling a 6 would move 4 squares), ignoring all tackle zones. If during this move they reach the wall, then they will remain there trying to hide. If during the move they run into another player from either side, knock both players down and roll for armour taking into account the modifier for the cobblestones. Once all of this pandemonium has been resolved, roll a further D6. On a 4+ it was a false alarm and the game continues as normal. On a roll of 1-3, the Sorceror arrives and Toads one random player from each team (on the pitch) for the duration of the match. Toad Stats (MA4, ST1, AG4, AV5 - Stunty, Titchy, Dodge, Leap) All Injuries sustained as a toad will be permanent

Author:  TalonBay [ Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Coming up in Season 17 - Street bowl

Cool, count me in.

Author:  Harroguk [ Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Coming up in Season 17 - Street bowl

might need to refresh peoples memories of the penalties system too.

Author:  sparkydave [ Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Coming up in Season 17 - Street bowl

If the match ends in a draw and a result is required then follow the rules below.
Face Offs happen in only the center area of the pitch, any player who enters a wide zone for any reason may not re-enter the center area for the remainder of the drive.
If the ball enters a wide zone for any reason then the current drive is over.
Players who enter the wide zones do not get attacked by the crowd.
Players may choose to run in to the wide zones (to kill the ball during an opponents drive)
If you try to block someone into the wide zones it must be treated as blocking someone off the pitch (they can only be blocked off the pitch if there is nowhere else to go)

The Set-Up
Both Coaches select two players from their remaining players (Not KO or Injured).

The teams who kicked-off first (In the first half) will be the team that starts initially with the ball.

The two Defending players set up first and can be set up anywhere in their own half, there is no need to set up on the line of scrimmage.

The team with the ball must set up with one player on the Kick-Off Sweet Spot (Cant think of a better name for this but Assume everyone knows where it is) This player is GIVEN the ball.
the other player can be set up anywhere in the half, there is no need to set up on the line of scrimmage.

The Drive
The Coach who has possession of the ball takes the first turn.

Play continues as normal (with the above restrictions to pitch usage) until one team scores or the ball leaves the play area.

Once the drive is complete then possession is given to the other team and the same players set up again for a second drive.
If a player has been injured then a new (unused) player may be brought on to replace him.

If you score in your opponents drive then you automatically win the "Face Off"

Once both teams have completed a drive then check the score. If one team is now winning then they are awarded the match. If not then two different players must be selected by both teams (Players who have already competed in a face-off may not compete in another until all remaining able players have competed). and the process repeated.

Star Player Points
Star Player points are awarded as normal except for TD which do not score anything.

KO's are rolled at the end of Normal time but not between subsequent drives in overtime.

Author:  Lemmiwinks [ Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Coming up in Season 17 - Street bowl

Sounds great! I'm in.

Author:  Paul [ Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Coming up in Season 17 - Street bowl

Good to see the cup return.

Author:  Jackolas [ Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Coming up in Season 17 - Street bowl

ooh cool! me!

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