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Season 17 - Round 5 (starts 13/03/17)
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Author:  sparkydave [ Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:02 am ]
Post subject:  Season 17 - Round 5 (starts 13/03/17)


Division 1a

Masons Guild (SemiMiller) - Neues Emskrank Corsairs (gritzostenberg)
Ziggy's Spiders (Paul) - Eshinobi Rising (Drazgon)
Croakland Raiders (GamesVaultSteve) - Horns & Spikes (pcha)

Division 1b

Hamma' & Tongs (McBuggerBalls) - Dav City All Starz (Jack)
Chaos Khorne and Bred (Gherwig) - 2 Orcs 1 Cup (GingerBeardMan)
Stylish Scamps (Csmarsden) - Weborn Wodents (Big Bad Beeste)
Hurlem Globetrotters (SparkyDave) - Tomb Raiders (TalonBay)

Round Event:

Wrong Changing Room

Somehow one your players and one of your opponents players have ended up in the wrong changing rooms wearing the opponents strip. They will play for the other team this match.

Pick one of your players and give him to your opponent for this match. Additionally he has "Animosity" for this match only. (TV is calculated before swapping players)

End of season Individual Awards

There will be additional skills on offer for the players who manage to lead the way this season in the following categories;

Most touchdowns scored - Free Agility Skill
Most dangerous player - Free Strength Skill
Most successful passes thrown - Free Passing Skill
Man of the Season - Free Double Skill (Cancelling any normal skill he may get awarded from other Man of the Season awards).
(The skills come with the relevant cost increase to the winning players.)

To look at the current standings go to ... =53&t=2995

Spot Prizes:

2. 2 Dice blitz on your opponents player currently holding the ball and rolling Double Pow.

5. Cause any 5 SPP generating casualties with any 1 player in a single game.

7. Having the same player Knocked out 3 times in the same game.

8. Busting the same stat of a stat boosted player (Eg. Rolling 57 on an Agility 4 Wight, or 58 on a Strenght boosted linefrog)

Please advise ASAP if you can claim one of these spot prizes.

End of Season Dungeonbowl

This season will see teams trying to qualify for the end of season showpiece that is Dungeonbowl.

The six teams that qualify will be:

The highest TD scoring team.
The highest CAS causing team.
The three teams with the highest combined TDCAS in relation to other teams (please see the current standings).

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