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 Post subject: Season 17 round 9 (starts 08/05/17)
PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 5:51 am 
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Division 1a

Eshinobi Rising (Drazgon) - Masons Guild (SemiMiller)
Horns & Spikes (pcha) - Neues Emskrank Corsairs (gritzostenberg)
Croakland Raiders (GamesVaultSteve) - Ziggy's Spiders (Paul)

Division 1b

2 Orcs 1 Cup (GingerBeardMan) - Tomb Raiders (TalonBay)
Hamma' & Tongs (McBuggerBalls) - Weborn Wodents (Big Bad Beeste)
Stylish Scamps (Csmarsden) - Hurlem Globetrotters (SparkyDave)
Chaos Khorne and Bred (Gherwig) - Dav City All Starz (Jack)

Round Event:


It appears that something funny is going on with this batch of balls.

Before the match roll on the Ball Tampering table.

1D8 Roll - Division Number (i.e. First Division = D8-1)

1 or Less Normal Ball

Egg Shaped Thing. No Effect

2 Remote Controlled Ball

Something odd is going on with this ball, it appears to have an antenna comming out of it. At the start of each drive each player rolls 1d6+FAME. The person with the Highest score has managed to gain control over the remote controlled ball and may now choose the scatter direction whenever it is required to roll on the scatter table.

3 Dead Ball

This ball is made up of disgusting rotting dead animal matter. At least we hope it's just dead animal matter. Flies buzz around it, it's slick with some foul liquid and it's a bit wiffy too. Any player who attempts to pick up or catch the ball must first roll a 2+ on 1D6 to overcome his revulsion at the thought of touching the horrible thing. Any player holding the ball gains the foul appearance skill.

4 Exploding ball

Why is this ball ticking? Probably some wizard's idea of a funny joke. Better score quickly before it stops... At the end of each coach's turn that coach must roll 1D20 for the exploding ball. If a 1 is rolled the ball explodes. Any player in the same square as the ball is knocked over automatically (Roll for armor and injury as normal) and any player in an adjacent square is knocked over on a 4+ on 1D6 (roll for armor and injury as normal.) The ball scatters a random direction.

5 Spiked Ball

This ball is covered with big shiny metal spikes. Not exactly subtle but a real fan favourite none the less. The spikes make the ball easier to handle but painful to mishandle. Players receive a +1 bonus to pick up or catch the spiked ball, but if they drop the ball (including from a fumble or failed pickup) then it will attack them using the stab skill. When this is the first catch attempt after the ball has been thrown then there is also a bonus to the armour roll equal to the modifier for the range the ball was thrown (e.g. -1 to AV for quick passes, -2 for short, -3 for long, -4 long bomb, -5 Hail Mary). The ball can also be used as a weapon. Any player holding the ball gains the stab skill.

6 Squig Ball

The 'ball' is in fact a small fat furry animal bred by Night Goblins especially for Dungeonbowl and is a favourite amongst Orc and Goblin teams, especially as the winner gets to eat the poor creature afterwards. At the end of each coach's turn if the squig ball is not being held by a player then it will run D6 squares in a random direction passing through squares occupied by players as if they were unoccupied. If it hits a wall or other impassable object it will stop there. Any player whose square the squig ball passes through may attempt to intercept it, and all the usual modifiers for an interception apply. If the squig ball ends in an occupied square and is not intercepted then it will scatter until it is either caught or ends in an unoccupied square. Because of its pathetic struggling any attempt to pick up, pass or catch the squig ball is at an additional -1 penalty and as the squig ball is quite hard to hold onto any player blocking a player holding the squig ball may act as if they had the strip ball skill.

7 Vampiric Ball

This ball has two huge fangs which stick into the player carrying it. It then proceeds to litterly suck the life out of them. Every turn the player holds this ball for his MA is reduced by 1 (-1 for the first turn, -2 for the second turn, -3 for the 3rd turn etc...). If the player reaches 0 MA then he falls over and drops the ball. (roll for scatter, armor and injury as normal.)

8 Cannot Be Rolled

Dawnstar Treadmill! The only team to win the league when Paul has been in the top flight (other than Paul himself)


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