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 Post subject: Turf Rule Book Errata
PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:59 am 
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Even though I give people the Turf Rule Book to learn from as it is better layed out than the Official Rules we are still playing the Official Rules as per the Competition Rules Pack.

This thread is to cover any discrepancies in the Turf Rule Book and provide clarification on the actual rule.

Discrepancy 1 wrote:
Turf Rule Book...
Throw Team-Mate (Extraordinary) :-
This player may throw a team-mate who has Right Stuff, following the rules given on p.15 [Normal Passing Rules].

Also does not appear on the Passing Modifiers Table :- ... df#page=18

The CRP Says...
Throw Team-Mate (Extraordinary) :-
A player with this skill has the ability to throw a player from the same team instead of the ball! (This includes the ball if the player thrown already has it!) The player throwing must end the movement of his Pass Action standing next to the intended team-mate to be thrown, who must have the Right Stuff skill and be standing.
  • The pass is worked out exactly the same as the player with Throw Team-Mate passing a ball, except the player must subtract 1 from the D6 roll when he passes the player, fumbles are not automatically turnovers, and Long Pass or Long Bomb range passes are not possible.
  • In addition, accurate passes are treated instead as inaccurate passes thus scattering the player three times as players are heavier and harder to pass than a ball.
  • The thrown player cannot be intercepted.
  • A fumbled team-mate will land in the square he originally occupied.
  • If the thrown player scatters off the pitch, he is beaten up by the crowd in the same manner as a player who has been pushed off the pitch.
  • If the final square he scatters into is occupied by another player, treat the player landed on as Knocked Down and roll for Armour (even if already Prone or Stunned), and then the player being thrown will scatter one more square. If the thrown player would land on another player, continue to scatter the thrown player until he ends up in an empty square or off the pitch (i.e. he cannot land on more than one player).
  • See the Right Stuff entry to see if the player lands on his feet or head-down in a crumpled heap!

Ruling:- Players should be applying the additional -1 penalty when throwing a Team Mate, this means that Thrown Team Mates will normally Fumble on a 1 or 2 (Requiring a 3 to go)

Discrepancy 2 wrote:
Turf Rule Book...
Bone Head (Extraordinary) :-
Each team turn, roll 1D6 after declaring this player’s action, but before taking the action. If you roll 2+, the action goes ahead as normal. If you roll 1, the player loses his action and may do nothing. He also loses his tackle zone and may not catch or throw the ball, assist either player on a block or foul, or move voluntarily (including using Diving Catch, Diving Tackle, Pass Block or Shadowing) until he rolls 2+ at the start of a subsequent
team turn, or until the next kick-off.

If a player with Bone Head declares an action which is limited to one player per team turn (Blitz, Pass, etc.) and then fails to perform it, this still counts as using the action for the team turn – so no other player may perform the same action.

A Bone Head roll can’t be re-rolled with a team re-roll, but Pro can be used.

The CRP Says...
Bone Head (Extraordinary) :-
The player is not noted for his intelligence. Because of this you must roll a D6 immediately after declaring an Action for the player, but before taking the Action. On a roll of 1 they stand around trying to remember what it is they’re meant to be doing. The player can’t do anything for the turn, and the player’s team loses the declared Action for the turn. (So if a Bone-head player declares a Blitz Action and rolls a 1, then the team cannot declare another Blitz Action that turn.) The player loses his tackle zones and may not catch, intercept or pass, assist another player on a block or foul, or voluntarily move until he manages to roll a 2 or better at the start of a future Action or the drive ends.[/list]

Ruling:- Team Re-Rolls are allowed to be used to re-roll Bone Head.

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