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 Post subject: Missions found!
PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:21 pm 
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I found a battle I had written for a small battle at the beginning of a campaign feel free to try them or just read them. Note they were designed for 2nd ed 40k. The space wolves set up in middle of the board surrounded by hills. The player who scores the most victory points at the end of the 4 turns wins. Normal victory points for destroying things apply the victory points listed below are to be added on top.

Planet defence Imperial Guard Mission 1

Background: Following the landing of Space wolf on your home plant, for which you can see no apparent reason, your scouts have been trying to gain a tactical advantage over the initial landing party, it has resulted in them coming under fire. Even so your mission must not be a failure.

Turns: 4, moving second
Force size: 500 pts
Deployment: Last

Primary Objective: High Ground

It is vital that you secure any available high ground and get a commanding view over the battle field. In addition to the normal victory points gained for destroying enemy forces, you receive the following bonus victory points for securing the three highest points on the battlefield.

For each unbroken squad with less than 50% casualties within within 3” of one of the three high points at the end of the game: +1 victory point

If the squad also has a working heavy weapon:+1 victory point

Secondary objective: Get to the Valkyrie...

Your General has insisted that you are airlifted to safety before losses become to great. In addition to the normal victory points gained for destroying enemy forces, you receive the following bonus victory points for getting troops to safety.

For each squad with less than 50% casualties that reach the Valkyrie:+1 victory point

Special rules:
Leader: For this mission your leader is the Sargent of the red squad. He is armed as per the card with these additions +1 Wound, +1 Weapon skill, +1 Toughness, Carapace Armour 4+ save, Refractor field 5+ field save

Valkyrie: In order for you to get to the Valkyrie it must get close to the battlefield and find a safe place to land.
The following rules are included to represent this: At the start of each turn roll a D6 and add the turn number to the dice rolled, if you achieve a score of 7+ the Valkyrie has arrived and is ready to land.

Roll the scatter dice, which ever board edge the scatter dice is pointing too now represents the table edge your troops need to move off to reach the Valkyrie which has landed just off battlefield. This move must be voluntary and broken troops do not count for victory purposes if they exit off this board edge whilst still broken.

Planet Landing Space Wolves Mission 1

Background: Your landing has gone badly and you are now under pressure from the local forces who are trying to get a full tactical advantage over you, its time to hang in and get a foot hold on the planet so you can land more forces and possible discover what is behind this genestealer breeding ground.

Turns: 4, moving first
Force size :500pts
Deployment: First

Primary Objective: Engage and destroy

Enemy forces are advancing to higher ground trying to gain command of the battle field, you must stop them or all will be lost, you receive the following bonus victory points for destroying enemy forces.

Each enemy squad destroyed: +1 victory point
Each enemy vehicle destroyed: +1 victory point
Each enemy Character killed: +1 victory point

Secondary objective:Guerrilla Warfare

You are cut off and running low on supplies and ammo, the troops you an kill in hand to hand combat you can strip of equipment and move on. Keep any models you kill in hand to hand till the end of the battle.

Every 3 enemy models killed in hand to hand combat: +1 victory point.
Every enemy vehicle destroyed or disabled within your deployment zone:+1 victory point

Special rules:
Setup: As well as your troops you have a few items of terrain (tank traps etc) that you may place as you see fit with your troops in your deployment zone.

Assault cannon:
Following your troops success repairing the drop pods weaponry you have gained the drop pod base (sandbags) and twin linked assault cannon (imperial guard lascannon model) this may be manned by either a scout or marine in order to be operated, if the operators squad moves away from the gun they may still fire but will not leave the gun unless they retreat. This may also be deployed with your troops as normal.

Reinforcements: You have two incoming drop pods moments away from landing, at the start of each turn roll a d6 if you manage to roll a 6 consult the chart below.
1-4 blood claw drop pod
5-6 Dreadnought drop pod

Follow the normal drop pod landing rules. Note you may continue to roll after the first drop pod has arrived but you must roll the second dice if you roll the same result again no drop pod arrives.

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