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 Post subject: Re: Uh-oh!
PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 8:53 pm 
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Fluff hasn' t been added only changed from what i can gather all based around gw trying to make an old idea new or protect/avoid copyrights. 6th ed is without a doubt the best ed after 2nd but thats because ever since 3rd ed its always been moving back towards 2nd. I am not claiming there won't be a better edition than 2nd there just isn't at the moment imo, certainly based on my want for story/campaign greatness over who wins/tourny rule. Thats not what we all want i agree.

Having played 2nd ed for 20 years and then writing a campaign last year for 6th ed, including the fact that I have bought and read the rulebooks for all editions, I'm not convinced 6th ed is better... more people play it, but that is not by default better. Thus I have little interest in 6th ed.
I am however very interested in Mephiston's post about "clunkyness" being that he plays Warmachine and has recently played Necromunda (a close relative of 2nd ed) not to mention the countless other systems he may have played or experienced players he may have played with. Peoples opinions of the system and what they don't like etc is important to me as I try to house rule out bad bits or house rule in good bits to make it better and more playable and fun.

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