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Unnecessary censorship
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Author:  Altair-the-Vexed [ Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Unnecessary censorship

Some words are being unnecessarily censored by the new word filter.

It is quite normal to refer to a female monarch with a word beginning with Q. This word is censored, probably because it is possible to use it offensively.
A certain type of sword, used either two-handed or one-handed, it normally named to reflect its hybrid status, using a word beginning with B. This word might be offensive if used to question someone's heritage, but is the right word to use when talking about that type of sword.
Substances used to pharmacologically alter physical characteristics of people are often called by a word beginning with D. Some of these substances may be used illegally.

Can these unnecessary censorships be stopped, please?

Author:  bigmaddrongo [ Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unnecessary censorship

bigmaddrongo wrote:
We have recently imported a new list of censored words into the forum. This has been checked to remove most problem words (such as "moderator" etc.) but there may still be some examples of words that are being censored that may not need to be.

If you notice that your post has been censored and you think the word in question is acceptable (e.g. "cheats" was on the list as this was obviously used in an offensive way at the source of this list, but could be perfectly valid in conversation here) then please PM me to let me know where the censored post is, and what the word was.

bigmaddrongo wrote:
Just a reminder to everybody (since I've heard from a few people already). The word filter is not broken, and we probably didn't mean to censor that innocuous word you used! As we have taken the easy route of importing a list of word to censor there are a few words on the list that we see no reason to ban.

Unfortunately, as the list was made up of of over 1200 words and phrases we haven't yet managed to go through and remove all of the non-naughty words (examples so far include cheat, corrupt and steal to name a few).

If you see that your post has been censored, DON'T PANIC! Just calmly let me know by PM and I'll check that you haven't actually been sweary and then sort out the word censor so it behaves again.

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